How do you make the color burgundy?

Back in January I wanted to do something cute for my best friends baby shower in.  I decided that I wanted to make cake pops, so I started researching.  Long story short (and 20 trial runs later) I made my friend 100 bomb ass, bright pink cake pops.

About a month later, my mother-in-law mentioned to my former co-worker (I used to work at an elementary school) that I started making cake pops, she asked me if I could make them for her and I thought sure, not knowing that a few short months later I would be pregnant, tired, and nauseous 24/7.

So here I am, it’s a week away from July, and her wedding is in August.  I suppose I should be wrangling up some supplies but I’m just so damn lazy. Did I mention I’m making about 350 of them? aiya! what did I get myself into????

BTW: How do you make a burgundy color for candy melts? and champagne color too? I better figure that out asap. Thank God for Google.

15 Weeks 5 days

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