No I’m not fat

Last night I got absolutely no sleep.  I could not get comfortable due to constipation…yes I said constipation.  Then, when I had to use the bathroom at 4am I could not find my slippers.  Next, the fiance decides he wants to be a pillow hog for the first time ever. So, today, I sat in my chair, in the office, and nodded off every 5 minutes until someone asked me why I’m not flying.

I guess I’m still at some in-between stage where people think I’m just fat.  It’s pretty funny/annoying to see people who haven’t seen me in a few months, talk to me, but glance at my stomach every few minutes.  Most are thinking I’m pregnant but don’t want to ask, some think I’ve gained weight and try to be nice by telling me I look great, and others are just blunt; I like the blunt ones. I haven’t told a whole mess of people that I’m “with child” for a few reasons.  Mainly because I have 1400 coworkers and I know a whopping 10% of them, but really it’s because I’m tired of being asked if I’m excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll be plenty excited once baby is here, but if you’re like me and your first experience with pregnancy is the equivalent of an infinite hangover then I’m sure we’d be the best of friends.

15 weeks 6 days

P.S. you make the color burgundy by mixing red, pink, and blue.

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