Boppy Total Body Pillow

Next to eating and watching T.V., sleeping is right up there on my favorite-things-to-do list.  Almost as soon as I got pregnant I had trouble sleeping.  Imagine my heartache when I could not longer fall/stay asleep!  Now, I know what you’re saying, “well honey, it’s only going to get worse”, I get it, I know.  However, even if I’m just laying there I’d like to at least be comfortable, and that was my biggest challenge.  One of my girlfriends swears by the pregnancy pillow, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  I went in search of this damn pillow to no avail.  Long story short, no one had this stupid pillow and I was not about to have one shipped in from the mainland.  For all you preggo’s living on O’ahu, only 2 places, yes a whopping 2 places carry this pillow, Babies R Us and Target.

I went to target and walked around aimlessly for about an hour until I finally found the one lonesome pillow on the shelf. It’s MINE! Hold on am I reading this right? $60?!? for a fricken pillow!? you must be nuts, I thought never, and then plopped it into the cart. The Fiance being the chang-a-lang he is, could not bring himself to shell over $60 for a pillow, no matter how much he loved me, and even though I am the vessel carrying his unborn child. So, I bought it myself, no big deal.

Best purchase ever, only downfall is that it DOES NOT look anywhere near as fluffy as the one in the picture.

Not only does this thing help support my growing tummy, it also supports my back when I sit up and watch TV or gasp for air due to my asthma.

In addition to helping me sleep and nurse, I just found out thanks to Google, that it will also fold up neatly in the shape of a regular Boppy lounger to hold baby.

This pillow is a win, best $60 spent to date.

16 Weeks 5 days

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