Dressing my bump

Isn’t it weird how different people’s perceptions of pregnancy bumps are?  I’ve had people tell me I’m not showing and some people telling me I am.  I’ve had people tell me I’m small for 4 months, and some tell me I’m big for 4 months.  And each time I just nod my head, smile, and agree. Go figure.

In any case, to ME, my bump is showing, considering I can no longer button my pants and I am in constant search of stretchy clothing items.

I don’t consider myself super stylish, but I like to look good.  My grandma went on a rant yesterday about all the celebrities that insist on wearing tight clothing while they are pregnant.  Whoa there gamgam, I love you and to some extent I agree, but, sometimes it’s just cute to show off your bump.  Here’s what I wore today.  After taking these pictures I realized that my ensemble hid my bump pretty well (if I wanted it hidden).

Top: Nordstrom Rack     Belly Band: BeBand from Target   Pants: My Mom’s Closet (most likely originated from Ross)

Earrings: Made by my mom and I (coming soon to etsy)

16 Weeks 5 Days

2 thoughts on “Dressing my bump

  1. The Haute Frugalista says:

    you look so beautiful!! congrats on the baby!! is it a boy or a girl? i have 2 and know how difficult it gets to be fashionable too so im really happy for you cause you look fab!!


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