Fall style in summer? If it fits, hell to the yes!

I really don’t want to buy maternity clothes.  Actually, I don’t mind it so much because most styles are UBER comfortable.  However, being as petite as I am, I have THE HARDEST time finding things that fit!  I’ve always had this problem though so I’m really unfazed by it.  For as long as I can remember I have not been able to find a pair of jeans that fit my body correctly.  If it fit my hips, my butt was too small; If it fit my butt, my thighs were too small; If it fit my butt, my hips were too big! Some goes for my boobs: If it fit my boobs, the arms were too big!  I could never win.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve been banished to the office until I pop.  Dress code is business casual, and before I go any further WTF is business casual? can I or can’t I wear jeans? I don’t get it but whatever, as Tim Gunn would say, I make it work.  After I started popping buttons and since I have gained some weight in the buttocks region, I went in search of maternity pants. There are a few stores that have maternity sections, however even their smallest size is gigantic on me (think steve urkel).  I just about gave up until a girl I work with suggested Target.  Long story short, I found some pants (that are still baggy but not too bad) and I love target.

In short, it doesn’t matter what you wear, where you get it from, if it’s in season or out of season, if you’re preggers and it fit’s, wear it.

Dressing my Bump

(can you tell I got tired of standing in this picture? I told you….I’m lazy. lol.)

Dress: The Wedding Cafe, Honolulu (a few years ago)     Leggings: Forever21    Shoes: Steve Madden – Nordstrom rack   Earrings: Claires Accessories

16 weeks 6 Days

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