Dressing My Bump: Summer Cool

My friend from high school/college  just had a baby 2 weeks ago.  I got together with her and a couple of our friends from college just to catch up, talk story, and complain about why we hate teaching. This baby is adorable, even if she only slept the whole time we were there, she’s the sweetest thing with a full head of hair!

Ms. Kourtney-Shane

This is Kourtney with her big sister, Lexi, who loves Hello Kitty as much as I do.

Dressing My Bump

Today I FINALLY went to get a hair cut after almost 2 months of procrastinating.  My head started to feel heavy, my hair was getting way oilier than normal, and I was getting pimples on my neck, gross.  I finally called my hair dresser/makeup maven, Dayna Okuma Mau.  This chick is a miracle worker and she always makes me look and feel gawgeous! Need your makeup done? Call her at Salon808, you won’t be sorry.

It hasn’t been extremely hot here in Hawai’i lately, mainly because there are a couple of storms down south sending some gusty trade winds our way.  Even when it does get hot here, it does not get as hot as the mainland does, and I am not complaining (I probably will once it starts getting hot again).  For now, I’m enjoying the windy weather since being pregnant and hot is no bueno!

I had the hardest time looking for clothes to wear this morning because I hate when I’m hot and my clothes start sticking to my body!  Thank goodness I invested in some of these flowy tops before I knew I was pregnant, they are amazingly comfortable and cool.

I am definitely way bigger now than I was a few months ago and slowly I’m outgrowing all of my shorts, which is again, no bueno if you live in Hawaii! However, I recently found these awesome, jean shorts from American Rag at Macy’s that have SPANDEX! Yay, for shorts and spandex!  BTW they were also on the SALE rack at an additonal 40% off, so they were around $15.00.

So today’s tip: Flowly tops and spandex are definitely you’re best friends when you’re pregnant and it’s HOT.

Top: Soprano Soprano – Nordtrom Rack    Shorts: American Rag – Macy’s   Spaghetti Strap: Forever 21

Belly Band: BeBand-Target   Shoes: Charlotte Russe   Earrings:  My mom’s creation

17 Weeks 4 days

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