Can You Hear Me Now? How About Now? Good.

Remember that Verizon commercial where the guy walks around while talking on the phone, and asks the caller(or are they the callee?) “Can you hear me now? How about now? Good.” I’m pretty sure that’s what mother’s do to their unborn children in the womb, well, at least I do.

I’ve always had conversations with myself. Okay, no I don’t need psychological help, don’t pretend like you don’t do it.  We all do it at some point and I’ve just decided to keep it going. Anyway, I talk to myself because it helps me remember things or test out speeches, etc.  I did it a lot when I did pageants so I knew what would sound st

upid and what would sound exponentially smarter.  Almost as soon as I got pregnant I thought, “Hey I have someone to talk to now!” Okay no I didn’t.

Things I have been telling it (yes, it’s still an it because we find out gender in 2 weeks):

Can you hear me now? If you can kick once.

You should listen to me, I know all and I see all, don’t let your father tell you otherwise.

Your father played sports, I played sports, you will play a sport. (too pushy?)

Did you see that lady? No, of course you didn’t. I’ll show her to you one day, but don’t dress like her…ever.

Hear that voice? that’s your aunt (my little sister), she’s kind of annoying but you get used to her.

What the heck are you doing in there!?

Stubborn eh? don’t wanna move from that side of my tummy? I guess you are more like your mother…excellente!

Since I’ve felt bean sprout kick for the first time, I’ve been feeling it all the time now.  The other night babies G-Ma was showing the fam-bam a slideshow from her trip to New York.  The background music was “New York, New York” and it was pretty dang loud.  To my surprise baby started moving up a storm throughout the whole iMovie. Maybe we have a broadway baby on our hands!  Then again it could totally be that chili I ate for dinner.

So my question is when can babies hear from outside of the womb?  

17 weeks 5 days


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