My Fiance, the Worry Wart

My Fiance cracks me up and annoys me to kingdom come, but I love him.  He’s always been a doctor and medicine advocate (sore? take some advil, weird rash? call the doctor.  I, however, am the exact opposite, I bite down and take the pain like a champ, unless it comes down to my asthma, but even that I just ride out sometimes.

In RECENT months, he has stepped up this annoying “call the doctor” habit times a googleplex, for obvious reasons (in case you’re late to the party, I am carrying his beloved child). I’ve agreed with him, caved, and called my doctor a whopping 3 times since we have found out I’ve been pregnant.

When I was sick to my toes with nausea and could not eat, he told me to call the doctor every damn day, I finally caved when I was thinking about going back to work.  The ONLY reason I called was because I could not stand not being able to eat, since I “duh”, LOVE FOOD! Second Time I caved was because I had some bleeding, blah blah blah, (TMI) went to the ER and came out knowing everything was fine, like I had been saying for WEEKS.  Honey, some people just bleed, that’s life, there’s a thing growing in me, you can’t expect there NOT to be blood.  Third time I called my doc the culprit was my asthma.  Almost as soon as I was pregnant my asthma was kicked up to notch 50.  I couldn’t deal with it and I couldn’t take my usual albuterol medicine so I had to get a new supply.

This habit of telling me to take something or call the doctor has continued.  Baby has decided that the right side of my stomach is much more comfortable and chooses to hang out there more often then not.  When I first started feeling beansprout move I literally saw my stomach go lopsided, it was CRAZY! I was even more freaked out because the night before I had a dream that the baby popped out of my belly button to say hi! (my dreams are a whole new post, they are crazy, insane even!) I decided that I should share this odd bit of news with the SuperHulk and what does he tell me? “Does it hurt? are you sure? if it does you better call the doctor.” Um, darling, yea it’s gonna hurt, it’s uncomfortable.  Someone is growing INSIDE OF MY STOMACH, and it’s gonna move around wherever it darn well pleases.  As long as it doesn’t pop out of my belly button, we are all G-double O-D, GOOD.

He also likes to nag me about taking my prenatals.  I’m a big girl dang it! I can take my gummy vitamins whenever I darn well please thank you very much!

SuperHulk has also decided that I need to get more exercise, which I totally agree with, HOWEVER, it is hotter than an oven (not really) and if it’s not, then it’s raining cats and dogs (again not really).  I know, I know, I can go to the gym…but really who wants to see a pregnant lady struggle to walk on a treadmill, not I said the cat!  I thought I had come up with a solution, walk around the air conditioned MALL! DUH! That mission failed today, my feet hurt and are swollen to the size of Africa. (Once again, not really, however if you haven’t caught on that I like to exaggerate, well I can’t help you)

One last thing he likes to do is check in on my every morning, after he’s gone to work.  Which is all fine and dandy except if I tell him I don’t feel well he either tells me to A) rest (thank you captain obvious, why didn’t I think of that) B)take something(no thanks) or C) call the doctor.  So, I gave up and just tell him I’m fine, call me when he’s finished and coming home.

This weeks mission:  Find some way to exercise because my back be killing me yo!

18 Weeks 2 days

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