Are you sure thats my kid?

Yesterday we went in for an ultrasound.

Pregnancy brain has gotten the best of me in recent days and laziness is starting to take over my entire body once again. I forgot we had a doctors appointment and we were therefore late by about 15 minutes. Normally I HATE being late but I’ve found that with PG Brain, I could care less. I feel like the world can wait but when I have to wait the world is going to end.

When we got to the waiting room there were no seats together so SuperHulk and I had to sit a part from each other, which I had no problem with.  Almost as soon as we sat down the phone was glued to his thumbs, as I reached into my bag of tricks, or “the house” as the Fiance calls it, I started to get frantic, I forgot my phone in the car! DAMN IT! What am I gonna do now???  It’s a good thing I had a bottle of water and a bag of cheerios and some goldfish in my purse because I don’t know what I would have done for that half an hour we were waiting.

While lying on the exam table I caught a cramp in my butt and was immobile for a good 5 min and had to bite my tongue when i really wanted to Bigfoot style scream and let everyone hear my pain. During the ultrasound, Bean wouldn’t stay still, definitely a lot more active this time around. It kept moving and squirming, kicking and punching. This led me to think “are you sure that’s my kid??? It’s way to active to be mine.”

A couple things we now know about beansprout:
It’s stubborn like mommy
Has a big head like daddy
Has some ridiculously long legs like neither of us
Is a week bigger than it should be
Likes to ham it up for the camera

We also know what we’re having! So we’re having…..sorry you’re just gonna have to wait because we haven’t told everyone we should quite yet.

19 weeks 3 days

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