Thalia the People Watcher and Sale Hunter


I’m feeling beyond stoked right now because I found some AMAZING steals at one of my favorite stores today.  When the Fiance goes to work during the day that means my knight in shinning t-shirt (actually t-shirt with the puka under the arm) is not around to feed me, thus I fend for myself.  Usually I just head down to Wholefoods at Kahala Mall and sit outside and people watch.

Today I witnessed a Japanese tourist family leave behind a mess of paper towels and a few people almost eat it (eat it means fall, oh yea and puka means hole).  I decided to walk around in the air conditioned mall for a little bit because 1) I need the exercise and 2) I needed to pick up a present for my girlfriend’s baby shower.

I need to share with you this AMAZING sale going on right now at Cinnamon Girl.  They are currently running their Summer Clearance Sale with up to 50% off selected merchandise.  You can visit their website here ->Cinnamon Girl

Of course most of what I bought was NOT on sale (usually what happens), however it is still amazing for those of you who are preggers, but really even if you’re not preggers you will want these shorts.

These are their “Tyra Shorts” SO UBER COMFY.  They come in a Short or Bermuda length AND they come in a “Lil’ Tyra” for your little girl! ADORBS! $42.00 but so worth it…believe me, it’s worth it! (yes, i’m justifying buying these shorts)

Remember I said that they also had dresses that were up to 50% off? Some of it can be found online here->Cinnamon Girl Clearance  It’s definitely better to go into the store though because there MANY MANY MANY more things on sale.  Are you a fan of Bebe au Lait?  I AM!  If you go to Bebe au Lait’s website they have a Sale Section found here->Bebe Au Lait Sale  Guess what? some of these Hooter Hiders, Hooded Towels, and Burping Cloths are 50% off AT CINNAMON GIRL!!!!!  And you know this stuff hardly EVER goes on sale (this much), even at Babies R Us!  You better run in and get it now because I picked up some for my GF and myself of course, duh.  And even if Cinnamon Girl doesn’t have what you want visit the Bebe au Lait site, they have a ton of stuff at pretty decent prices.

Just to brag here’s the burping cloths I got and obviously you won’t be able to tell which one is mine and which one is for my GF! HA!  I got this badboys for $11.o0! Oh, and I got matching nursing covers and hooded towels to boot! BOOM KANANI!

19 weeks 5 Days

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