Brusha Brusha Brusha, I’m an emotional mess

“Brusha, Brusha, Brusha, Get the new ipana…” you know that song that’s on the movie Grease?

I think of this song EVERYTIME I brush my teeth.  Next to being nauseated, brushing your teeth is next on the list of worst feelings in the world while pregnant.  It’s not the taste so much as it is the texture of the tooth brush and the foam and the foam creeping down your throat. BLEH! It sucks even MORE when you have pregnancy gingivitis. Ugh. Now on top of seeing my regular doctor for my asthma, my OB for my baby, I now have to visit the dentist too. Geeze!

I’d also like to welcome my emotions back to the party.  I’m a big blubbering mess and I cry for anything and everything. No Joke.  The other day I was so hungry…I cried! I’m not kidding.  When SuperHulk came home I told him “I’m hungry,” he tells me OK, and proceeds in telling me about his day, I stopped him mid story and I looked at him, tears welling up, “NO, I’m HUNGRY, if you don’t feed me NOW, I’m going to cry.”  He stared at me in shock and hurried me upstairs to eat, on the way up I started crying anyway, looked at future father in law in the face and said “it’s just one…of…those…days,” between sobs.  I’m pretty sure he was totally caught off guard.

The best way to keep the pregnant lady happy?  Feed her.

19 Weeks 6 Days

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