PG Brain and Cake Pop MADNESS!

My PG brain is getting worse…I mixed up dates and I forgot to show up at my best friends brothers birthday extravaganza! Super bummers because I haven’t seen her in almost a month. I also forgot that I had a doctor’s appointment again today. I must be going a little nuts too because I’m really starting to get into all this pretend play with my niece.  Today, like usual she had me playing beauty shop with her, now that I think about it, maybe I’m just into it because I haven’t been to one in about 6 months.  It also takes me much longer to function in the mornings…actually, it takes me longer to function all day.

Remember I talked about making 200 something cakepops  for a friends wedding and didn’t know how to make the color burgundy?  Well, turns out that I don’t need to know how to make burgundy because she wanted white, so that piece of information is getting stored in the part of my brain that houses useless information, yea that’s my whole brain.

Anyway, I started the long process yesterday with baking the cakes and what did I do? Burn the bottoms. YES! I love complications, makes my brain work harder, I said NEVER!  Thank goodness most of the cake was salvageable and hopefully I won’t have to bake an additional cake.  I decided to split the process up over 7 days because my PG brain just cannot handle all of this thinking.  2 cakes, lunch, 3 naps, and a massage later I have 100 cakeballs ready for dipping.  Tomorrow I conquer the remaining 200.  Thank goodness for donuts and soda ( yea sue me, I am still drinking soda, don’t judge me).

OH YEA! And guess what? we’re HALFWAY THROUGH! We made 20 weeks on Saturday and per today’s visit, baby is up past my belly button and I’ve gained a whopping 9 lbs. total? I think, really don’t trust my math at this point. (119 down to 116 up to 122 and now 128)  I may even forget how far along I am at this point.

20 weeks 2 days

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