Teddy Bears Don’t Eat Me!

Exercise or no exercise I get stuck, especially when laying in bed.  Lately my muscle cramps have become increasingly worse and frequent. Pre-pregnancy I would be able to exercise for about 2 hours with some quick stretching and be fine, a little sore the following day but still fine.  NOW, I need to stretch every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep or I get the WORST cramps in my butt and back, and this is regardless if i’m moving a lot or a little.  I’m also finding that I need to stretch mid-day too, even if I haven’t done a darn thing all day.  These cramps are not just normal, oh it’s sore cramps, these are earth shattering, clench my teeth to nubs, STUCK in that position cramps.

I’m also noticing that I am becoming increasingly tired and need to nap, all the time.  However, even when I nap, I wake up feeling worse than I did before I went to sleep.

Baby has been moving up a storm, kicking like crazy! I still am not used to the fact that a being is growing inside me, feels a lot like that movie where that demon child rips it’s way through the woman’s stomach?  (Please baby do not come out a demon child, please and thank you) Is that a movie? or did I dream it up?  Did I mention I like scary movies? Oh, I’m sorry, I LOVE SCARY MOVIES! Not gory ones though, just scary.

Speaking of dreams, mine have become the thing of fantasy, straight up weird.  I don’t know why or if it’s even normal for this to happen during pregnancy but I dream about the craziest things!  Example:  I’m walking in a forest, like a real forest, not a Hawaii forest, a forest that Big Foot would live in (oh wait, that would be our room, bahahaha! I kid, I kid, Fiance reads this…so I apologize Fiance) and then I black out and wake up in candy land, then my friend from work shows up and gives me a lecture about being late for work, next teddy bears show up and start chasing me through my house! WTF right!?

The cakepop madness continues and tomorrow I will coat and package all 200 for the wedding on saturday.  I’m pretty sure I have a cramp in my wrist too from rolling balls all day. (sick, get your mind out of the gutter)

I’m getting tired and cramping up in my butt so I’m out homies, CIAO!

20 Weeks 4 Days

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