Dressing My Bump: Comfy Womfy!

I promise you, I am growing bigger by the minute.  I am now up to 130lbs (moooo).  I find myself wearing the same clothes over and over again and it is becoming harder and harder to look cute and pregnant…not just pregnant.

My boobs are the size of small countries and my feet are turning into boats.  My grandma warned me about salt and sugar and that I would balloon up, once again I should have listened to her. The sugar part is not so hard really, I’m not a big sweets eater (okay, sometimes I am, my vice is super dense chocolate cake/brownies) it’s the SALT!  Man I love salt.  French Fries, Shoyu rice, chips, pickles, you name it, I’ll probably eat it.

Did I mention how big my boobs were? Okay, Fiance would not approve of me talking about my boobs and I will not disclose exactly how big they are but I’ll tell you this, they are heavy, sore, and heavy.  These bad boys are making it very hard to get dressed in the morning.

Yesterday I didn’t post a dressing my bump post because I was busy making cake pops, and I didn’t go out until much late in the day to go have an early dindin with my bestie.  So here it is…a what I wore…yesterday edition!

It’s not much to look at and it’s really simple but SO COMFY!  This shirt is from Nordstrom Rack, and it’s so uber soft I could wear it all day, every day!  The shorts are from my last post about Cinnamon Girls Sale, again so comfy!  And flats, well, who doesn’t love flats? Actually I’d rather walk around barefoot, like a native, imua! (I kid, I kid…I don’t like walking around barefoot at all, unless it’s sand, but even then I’m kind of sketch about it)

Shirt: Kische – Nordstrom Rack (clearance!)    Shorts: Cinnamon Girl   Shoes:  Abound – Nordstrom Rack (Clearance!)

20 Weeks 5 Days

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