Dressing My Bump: What Di Pilipino Ladee Tell Me

I missed this weeks dressing my bump for obvious reasons.  I was in Cali, and well I was enjoying my short little vacay with mi familia.  After one of my shopping extravaganzas, I deicided to wait inside of Saks Off 5th instead of standing in the heat.  While waiting di pilipino laydee greeting people by the door tell me dat I look soooo cute pregnant (why thank you aunty).  Then she goes on to say: “You know what you habing?” I tell her yes, and she tells me, “Oh! your husband must be so happppy!” (I didn’t correct her, she seemed old school, and well I’m getting married eventually, and after 7 years he’s practically my husband anyway) She goes on to ask: “How par along are you?” I tell her 5 months, she responds wit “Ai! You so small yet! hoppully you no get bigger one time!”  I just smile and nod, she adds: “You know…people say dat when you hab a ____ you get ugly, but you no ugly, you so preety, I guess dey wrong den ya?”  That might have been the highlight of my trip.

It’s still getting harder and harder to find clothes to wear and it’s getting harder to wear a bra too.  They’re just growing at an enormous rate and I can’t keep up, so I’ve just been using sports bra’s and cami bra’s.  They’re a lot more comfy than underwires anyway. I’m managing!  I’m so glad I made the trip to San Jose because I got to visit one of my absolutely FABORITE stores ever, H&M.  Did you know they have a maternity section?!  It’s not huge, actually pretty small, but it’s definitely affordable, and very cute stuff.  I got some cute mint green jeans, a cream lace tunic, and some awesome overbelly tights.  None of what I am wearing in these pictures are from H&M by the way.

Baby is starting to move more and more, and it’s getting stronger and stronger with every karate chop it makes.  (Hey ma! do you need to use the bathroom? Hi YA!)  I’m getting more excited as the days go by and I can’t wait to meet my itty bitty one, I think we may have settled on a name too.  I hate to say it but, my fiance is good name picker, I usually get out voted and I should have known he would have picked something I’d like.

Sweater: The Wedding Cafe    Top: Pac Sun   Cami: Gap   Bermuda Shorts: Macy’s   Shoes: Jean’s Wearhouse

22 Weeks

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