My Computer is ALL BUSS’!

I apologize times infinity for leaving ya’ll hanging but my computer is buss li dat. What a great time for my computer to die on me.  So, I’m gonna make this quick and give you a smidge of an update before it craps out on my once again.

Baby has been moving and a shaking.  I read somewhere that baby can hear now so we’re really trying to make tons of noise so that when it’s out, noise won’t phase it (this shouldn’t be too hard since both our families make tons of noise).

I’ve started getting my life in order, organizing important documents and such, and cleaning/purging when possible.

I recently visited my girlfriend on Kauai for her baby shower. Such a great decision, I missed her soooo much.  We’re due exactly 3 months a part, but, she might pop any day now, can’t wait for her little girl to be here!

Today I had lunch with my girl, $1.00 TACO TUESDAYS AT WHOLE FOODS! Cheapest and best lunch I’ve had in awhile.

Nowthat I’m fully popped, people don’t question if I’m pregnant anymore and go straight to “how far along are you?”, which is totally fine, I don’t mind that.

I’m getting tired again and my feet hurt ALL THE TIME. They aren’t exactly swollen, just sore.  I give up on my butt cramps and they’ll be there all the time.  I’m also a lot more active than I’ve been in recent months.  I’ve been trying to walk more, even if it’s just around the mall.

23 weeks and 3 days

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