Darth Vader and Semi-Broken Computer = No pictures

Here’s what sucks.  My computer decided it wanted to crap out at the most crucial time in my life…the last 3 months of my pregnancy! So this means, no pictures until I get it fixed or figure out how to use the WordPress app for iPhone or use the fiance’s computer for pic uploading, which is kind of a hassle.

Oh yea, we’re 6 months today! That mean’s the little one will be here in a few months, which also means mommy and daddy need to get their shit together.  Being responsible kind of bites, mostly on the bill paying front, who knew it cost $300 to power my grandma’s house! GEEZE.  I know we should invest in solar but this house is over 50 years old and the termites are literally holding it together.

Some things that have been happening, my feet look like boats, if you put my boobs together they’re about the size of my head, my stomach is definitely showing now, I stopped shaving my legs 3 months ago, it’s so hot I hate wearing clothes, and last night I had a asthma/constipation induced panic attack.  Yes, I said asthma and constipation induced panic attack.  Let me explain.

So, I’m sitting on our bed at the Fiance’s house, eating my mochi ice cream that the Fiance bought me (so thoughtful him…sometimes), and chocolate chip muffins, reading my baby books.  I finish reading and watch the rest of the newscast.  It was so ridiculously humid last night that there were these flying carpenter ants, so we have to turn off all the lights outside (usually left on for the dogs), TV needed to be turned off which also means early bedtime.  This also means that we needed to close the door to our room that we usually leave open for our dog to run in and out to use the bathroom, which ALSO means that it’s super stuffy in our room.  As, I’m about to lay down I notice it’s a little hard to breathe.  No biggie, I usually just give it time and it resolves on its own.  I prop myself up on all the pillows I could find, my usual tactic to conquer my breathing problems, but I lie down and my stomach starts to hurt, like it’s pushing up on my lungs.  Okay, so, I decided I needed to sit up for a little while longer and moved to our recliner.  No luck, okay back to the bed, sat on the edge of the bed and well, try to breathe normally and not sound like Darth Vader.  No luck! I start panicking a little, I start thinking WTF is going on, maybe I should turn on the AC.  AC goes on and does jack, just blows around hot air and makes me sneeze, awesome, AC gets turned off and I’m back on the recliner.  Still nothing, stomach is tight, chest is tight, time to look for my inhaler.  Flashlight in hand and swollen feet, I walk outside past our dogs out to the tent that houses our car (at 1130 at night) and look for my inhaler.  After 15 minutes, no inhaler, so I sit outside in the car for awhile, because I’m tired, out of breathe, sore, and for some reason it’s way cooler outside than inside our room.  I go back to our room at about midnight and come to the conclusion that I need to go home to my grandma’s to get my inhaler.  Fiance drives me home and I decide to stay the night just because I’m over the moving around and just want to sleep.  Inhaler found and used and I watch some TV while it’s kicking in.  It must have kicked some other things into gear too because I had to dash to the bathroom soon after.  Stomach empty and lungs inflated, I finally went to sleep.

Advice:  If you have asthma while pregnant, ask your doctor for multiple prescriptions for inhalers; If you’re not getting oxygen, baby isn’t either (which is why I started panicking).

Oh, and no worries, I don’t sound like Darth Vader anymore and everything is fine.

24 weeks


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