25 Weeks

I’ve taken my Fiance’s computer hostage because I’ve realized I’ve been neglecting my poor blog. Sorry ya’ll. Here’s a quick update of what’s been going on in the past week.

The weather has been pretty amazing lately and it’s been very comfortable temperature wise.  Sooo, I’ve been a pretty happy camper.

Belly is getting bigger and the little one’s kicks are getting stronger and bigger.  Beansprout seems to be most active at around 10pm and lunch time…the first is not a good sign.  I’ve read that babies usually keep the same sleep schedule outside of the womb as they did inside….This may actually turn out to be a good thing because maybe baby will sleep through the night??? High hopes, I know. A girl can dream.

Pre-pregnancy clothes are becoming a lot tighter and smaller.  People are so nice and telling me it doesn’t look like I’ve gained much weight and I’m all belly and boobs.  My pants (and my doctors scale) tell me otherwise, FYI I’ve gained 9lbs in ONE MONTH!  My pants tell me I better stop eating all those damn ice cream drumsticks that the Fiance keeps feeding me.  He’s so sweet though because he knows I’ve been craving certain sweets.

Things I’ve been craving lately: Pasta, pound cake, and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Not together though.  Amazingly I haven’t been having any weird cravings, even in the beginning of my pregnancy, nothing weird, just craved food in general. Me and no food is no bueno.

The weeks are creeping by, but, I’m starting to enjoy this whole pregnancy thing, maybe I can do this again? (BAHAHAHA, who am I kidding, maybe I can, in like 5-10 years).

I’m still on a crazy cleaning kick right now. I’ve never really realized how much junk I had that I should just get rid of.  Something that has helped me to purge is thinking about my grandparents.  They don’t have much, and what they do have is meaningful.  I don’t need to keep EVERYTHING that I’ve ever owned, just things I know 20 years from now will mean something to me.  SO, I’ve gotten rid of about 5 rubbermaid tubs full of papers, pictures, trinkets, and just plain crap.  I’m pretty proud of myself and I’m still cleaning out more.  With a baby coming I’ve realized there’s not much I need, and what I have kept I didn’t even know I had so I probably won’t miss it in 5 years.

I wish I could post pictures of how big I’m getting but with my computer being down I don’t have access to my picture software. We’ll be taking our maternity pictures in about a month anyway. Stay tuned!

25 weeks

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