Hello Again World!

Excuse my long absence. Things have been somewhat…tumultuous in the past few months.  I don’t even remember when the last time I posted was….then again I don’t remember a lot of things.

I figured I’d give you an update on what’s been going down on the baby front.  We’re now 35 weeks! Can you believe it???? 35 weeks! Only about a month left in my pregnancy, why does it have to end?????!!! HAHA! Who am I kidding? I can’t wait for this to be over and for our little guy to be here.

After my last post things started to get very mundane and boring, nothing new came up (besides my 2nd and 3rd chin), I had launched our jewelry business and was preparing for our first and last craft fair of the year and so I just stopped writing.   But now, I’m BAAACCCKKK!!!

Superhulk probably wouldn’t like that I’m gonna write it on here but you know what?  I’m sure some of those that pass through this blog are first time moms like me and could use a bit of advice or at least would like to know what happens as pregnancy progresses, so without further ado…here’s what’s been happening.

1) Glucose Test Boredom

So, when you’re pregnant you get tested around like 28 weeks for gestational diabetes.  You drink this horribly sweet juice thing and then wait an hour, get your blood drawn and go home.  If you’re blood sugar level is too high you have to go back for a LONGER test.  Most boring hour of my life.

2) Guess what? You didn’t pass your glucose screening test.

So a few days ago, Doc calls and says guess what? you didn’t pass you’re glucose test so you have to take the 3 hour test.

3) Enter Preterm labor stage right

Yes my friends, I went into “threated pre-term labor” the day after my babyshower.  Let me tell you how it unfolded.

I had been getting contractions for weeks, apparently they’re “fake” contractions called braxton hicks contractions that come and go throughout pregnancy.  Well, I noticed an increase in the amount I was having and that they were pretty regular, so I called my doctor and we went to Labor and Delivery.  I thought meh, they’re just gonna tell me you’re contracting, no big deal, go home, you’re good.  WRONG! I was told you’re cervix is sensitive and you’re dilated 3cm, we’re giving you steroids for baby’s lungs, putting you on blood pressure meds to control the contractions and giving you penecilin via IV in case you have GBS (another disease that pregnant chicks get as time goes on).  I was there for a whopping 5 days to get contractions under control, monitor baby and my cervix, and well just take it easy.  Fiance was great, stayed with me watching football, slept on the uncomfy chair and didn’t whine or complain at all…I do love him for that.  While in the hospital I was also diagnosed with SVT, a heart arrhythmia, that mysteriously came and went.  Thanks to both I was taken off work (YAY!!) but I am now also bored as hell.

4) We took our maternity pics, and they were hilarious.  Shannon Sasaki Photography, check her out, she’s my good friend and she’s the bomb diggity.

5) Find a cardiologist

I also had to go to my regular doctor to get a referral to a cardiologist.   Fun stuff those EKG’s. (not really, they’re pretty uneventful).

6) Sorry, you have gestational diabetes

WTF? as if spending 5 days in the hospital, and 3 BORING hours at the lab wasn’t enough I now have to go to counseling and testing and DIET for the remaining month of my pregnancy? UGH. life is good.

So that’s what’s been happening…Don’t feel bad for me or leave your sympathies, really I’m fine it’s not a big deal, I’m a total drama queen.

35 weeks 1 day

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