Best Christmas Present Ever

So, remember how I said that baby in my belly was just as impatient as his mother? He proved me right yet again by showing up 2 weeks early!

(Enter flashback music)
let me take you back to Nov. 30.
The whole week I had been feeling really crappy. I was exhausted and tired of being pregnant and huge. It’s not easy carrying around an extra 50 lbs that you never had to before! I had a regular doctors appointment scheduled for the afternoon of November 30 so I spent the day relaxing and watching TV, my absolute favorite past time. Before I knew it, it was time to head to the doctors office. We were late as usual but at that point I really didn’t care. Went to the back with my ever so enthusiastic fiancé to get my vitals and weight checked to find I had gained a whopping 10 lbs in a week! I had suspected for weeks that something else was wrong because I had not been overeating; I had not changed my diet since I got pregnant but the doctors chocked it up to the gestational diabetes. Nurse took my blood pressure to find that it was high and getting higher. “Looks like we’re gonna send you to L&D today, lets get doc to check you first.” Say what?! I knew it! Something WAS wrong! Btw, google is the devil and I had been researching online for weeks about the symptoms I was having but thought, eh, it can’t be. So I went into the exam room, he checks my cervix, which let me tell you is THE most uncomfortable experience ever, next to someone sticking something up your butt. It is even more uncomfortable when your doctor is a male and tells you that you need to relax. Hmm, let me stick my hand into your penis hole and then tell me to relax my friend!
Turns out I had been in labor all week and was 5cm dilated and had felt absolutely nothing. Which I was definitely NOT complaining about. Also, as i had suspected, thanks to google, i had developed pre-eclampsia, which can be life threatening. Long story short doc sent me to L&D, for all you non-pregnant people that’s short or labor and delivery. Good thing my doctors office was in the hospital, so we went down a few floors and admitted myself.

All this fabulousness took place at around 3pm Hawaii time. Got settled into my delivery suite, got started on pitocin and still felt no contractions, at that point I felt like hey, I can do this! Then (excuse my language) shit got real. I wasn’t progressing so they popped my water bag and Like magic, I FELT EVERYTHING! Almost immediately I demanded the epidural. I was so scared because I knew that needle was huge but as long as I didn’t see it and compared to the pain I was in, I didn’t care, JUICE ME UP DOC! Once the epidural was in, I felt no pain whatsoever, even the cervical check was manageable! Midnight rolled around and I was FINALLY completely dilated but didn’t feel like pushing, so doc tells me just start pushing anyway. So, I started pushing. At one point they asked me, “do you want a mirror to see?” uh no thanks, in perfectly fine not seeing my va-jay getting demolished. then they ask me, “do you want to reach down and feel his head?” uh no! i will feel it when he is out, thanks. then the kicker, do you want to pull him out like kourtney kardashian?” hell no! just take him out and we’re all g!
It took me 2 hours to push out my 8 lb baby that had JUST made it to 37 weeks! Can you imagine if I had gone all the way to 40 weeks??? Pushing out an 8lb baby is rough, pushing out a 10lb baby is like giving birth to a bag of rice! That is definitely NO BUENO!

Let me tell you though, once that baby is in your arms, you almost instantly forget about what you just endured and it seems worth it.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 days on about 5 different bags of different IV meds. they wanted to keep me longer and get a blood transfusion (I lost way too much blood) but I refused because I wanted to go home. Having to stay in bed all day (as much of a luxury as it sounds like) sucks.

We’ve been home for 3 weeks now and I am EXHAUSTED! Between the nipple
Pain, back pain, and night sweats I feel like I will never go back to work, let alone back to sleep. But that is a whole nothe post that ill save for another day. Postpartum is no joke, you think pregnancy is bad? There’s a whole mess of things people don’t tell you about what happens AFTER the baby comes out.

25 days old!

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