New York City Stops: Magnolia Bakery

I had honestly never heard of Magnolia Bakery until a friend of mine insisted that I go there and try the banana pudding.  When I went to New York recently, it was one of the first stops on my itinerary.

Magnolia’s started as a small bakery in the west village, and since has expanded to locations worldwide. How did I not know this?!  Anywho, there are multiple locations around new york city, and the one I happened to walk into was in Rockefeller Center.

On the outside, it looks like a typical bakery, but when you walk in, it feels so homey! Vintage looking signs adorn the walls, and there are cake stands upon cake stands of desserts.  The showcases are FILLED to the brim with all types of sweets for every type of sweet tooth.  There are pies, pudding, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and much much more.  For you coffee lovers, there’s some coffee to go with your treats too.

Magnolia Bakery, New York City

Magnolia Bakery, Rockefeller Center, New York City

There’s basically no line.  People just come in and head straight to the counter.  If you don’t know what you want, hang back, if you do head as close to the counter and don’t be shy, tell them you want to order (but don’t be rude about it, no one likes a rude person.  Remember don’t mess with people who touch your food, JUST SAYING).  Instead of ordering one of everything(mistake number 1), which crossed my mind, a few times, I ordered a banana pudding in a small size (mistake number 2) and a vanilla ice coffee, since I had only had 2ish hours of sleep at that point.  Coffee is life people! My friend ordered a key lime cheesecake, so I did get to try that too.

Banana Pudding Magnolia Bakery

Banana Pudding, Magnolia Bakery

The banana pudding is what they are famous for and there is a reason why.  It’s not JUST pudding.  There is cake AND banana slices mixed in.  It’s seriously heaven in a cup.  You get the banana pudding and the cake gives it a heavier texture, and cuts the sweetness just a bit.  The banana slices are like icing on the cake and really add to the banana flavor.  You guys have not had pudding until you have had THIS pudding.  It makes me want to add cake to all the pudding I will have or make from this point on.  I can’t even believe that I haven’t thought about it before.  Normally, I try to bring back desserts that my son will like, but this just never made it back to the hotel.  OOPS.

Here are some tips if you ever get to visit one of Magnolia Bakery’s shops around the world:

  1.  Get the banana pudding.  The LARGE size, don’t get the small, you will regret it after the first bite.
  2. Get 2 LARGE sizes of the banana pudding because you will want to eat it all day.
  3. Try something else.  The cheesecake is also rave worthy.  I like sour, and the key lime cheesecake was pretty good.
  4. Enjoy at least one dessert inside of the shop because, I’m 99% sure you will either want one more of whatever you eat, or want to try something else

Oh yea, and when you go there make sure you bring some back for me.  To find out more about the bakery they have a website, instagram, and blog, like all good bakery’s do.

Visit them by clicking HERE.

Enjoy that banana pudding!
XO Thay

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