Island Eats: Via Gelato

Ice cream is probably my dessert weakness. I’ve never really cared for pies, cakes, cookies, or cupcakes, but ice cream…I can never turn it down!  When I was pregnant, I swear I used it as an excuse to eat a bowl every night after dinner, for that I paid two fold.  I got gestational diabetes, and my son is addicted too! (well, sugar in general).  I promise, I was a good mom and I tried to keep anything sweet out of those tiny little hands and mouth, but the sweet tooth is strong in my family.  My mom, aunty, and sister are ALWAYS eating something that can and will rot your teeth, it was no wonder that one of his first experiences with cake was with my crazy family!

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Which brings me to Via Gelato.  Once a popular food truck serving up homemade unusual gelato flavors on a rotating menu, a storefront opened up in my neck of the woods earlier last year and it’s safe to say I’ve been addicted ever since.  Via Gelato is located on 12th Avenue in Kaimuki town, across from Koa Pancake House and next to Hale Vietnam and Duk Kee.  Street parking is available, but tight, but fear not there are two other alternatives.  One metered parking lot across the street behind Koa Pancake House and one paid per hour parking lot behind Via Gelato.  There is no validation, but it’s only 75 cents for every hour.

The food truck was getting a lot of hype and I had seen the signs going up prior to their opening.  First time trying this place was Mother’s Day of last year (2014).  But, let’s be honest, I don’t need an excuse to come here really, I’ll just show up on any given day of the week, and my son will happily and excitedly tag along. You can find out more about this cute little cafe HERE

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

We came in about a week ago on a whim.  I was craving ice cream and so was my son. I should mention that I know this is Gelato and Gelato lovers will tell you that ice cream and gelato are NOT the same thing.  I will tell you that they both end up in my stomach and I am happy to devour both, no questions asked.  In case you are wondering though, the ingredients are fairly similar in both gelato and ice cream, but the main difference (to me!) is that gelato typically has a lower fat content and uses more milk than cream! That’s right, go on and eat that double scoop of heaven.

This shop is cute and has a vintage feel from the textured ceiling, to the hardwood tables, benches, and chairs.  Gelato comes in 4 sizes: Keiki, Small, Regular, and Large.  They even sell Pints if you’re interested! Pre packaged or make your own.  Oh and they make their own waffle cones, and please if you can, try one!

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

In the past we have tried the Frosted Flake, Nutella, Tiramisu, Strawberry Ume, Guava, Lilikoi, and Cookies and Cream.  On this occasion my son and I each got our own mixes that included Fierce Chocolate, which is a must for any chocolate lover (like me!), and cookies and cream for the little man, and pumpkin with coffee crumble for mommy.  The Fierce Chocolate is great, but when paired with something else it’s even better.  I’ll be honest, I’m a mixer.  I usually try to mix up all my ice cream until it’s the consistency of a melted malt, thick enough to eat with a spoon, but thin enough to drink with a straw without making your cheeks hurt.  I have to resist doing that here because the flavors are so awesome on their own, but I can never choose just one!  What’s great is that you can get two flavors in the same cup or cone.  I’m telling you this is going to be heaven for you ice cr….gelato lovers.

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Via Gelato Small and Keiki Cup

Did I just hear you say you don’t like ice cream OR gelato? You don’t eat sweet treats you say?! You’re a strange bird.  Well, lucky for you they sell more than just gelato.  Hungry? You can get soup or sandwiches on their rotating, seasonal menu.  Need a pick me up? You can get a cup of coffee or espresso here too! Isn’t it great when there is something for everyone?

While you’re here, make sure you sample all the flavors, eat your gelato by the big open window, and jot down your ideas for a future flavor and pin them to the bulletin board.  Don’t tell them I sent you, because they will give you a strange look, and that will just be awkward for everyone.  Also, don’t blame me if you get addicted.

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Enjoy your Gelato!
XO Thay

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii

Fierce Chocolate and Pumpkin with Coffee Crumble

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