When Moms Get Sick

I’ve been sick. For about 4 or 5 days now. I got sick while I was at work, so when I got home I was completely useless. Usually I plan my working hours so that I’ll be home for half the day so I can relieve my husband of his fatherly duties for awhile. Oh, and I also plan it so that I’m home when it’s nap time, yes, so I can also take a nap. Naptime is very sacred in our house. Nothing comes between us, (by us, I mean me) and nap time. No tantrum too big, no task too small, nap time will happen!

When moms get sick, you hear about how the kids are running around reeking havoc, house is a mess, chores aren’t done and there mom is, in bed, with no energy, OR trying to do everything with absolutely no energy.  I am the definitely the first one.  I’m the mom in bed with tissues strewn over the sheets and also stuffed up my nose, looking like death. Yup, that’s me.

When moms get sick, you hear about the husbands who lose their minds trying to get things done, or lose their minds because they haven’t got a clue what to do!  Occasionally you will hear about the doting husband who cares for his wife AND kids (how it should be, just saying). Well friends, guess which one my husband is…did you expect me to tell you that my husband was the former? He is most definitely the later.

So here’s the thing. I am home, like actually, physically home with my family about 15-20 days out of the month. The other 10 or so days, I am working, on an airplane, headed for the wild blue yonder. Ok, the not so wild blue yonder. The thing is that my husband has had to take on a bigger role in our household than most families. So, when I get sick, it’s not so bad for me. He already knows the routines and where things are, oh and how to wash clothes (hallelujah!).

When I get sick, I basically want to sleep forever. Ocassionally the stars and planets will align and my Aunt Flo will decide that it is also time to pay me a visit at the exact moment that I become bed-ridden. That’s when I am the BIGGEST baby in the world. I want to just lay perfectly still in bed and sleep, mummy style, girls you know what I mean! (can I get an AMEN!). I hate getting sick A, because I can’t get things done and two, because it makes me feel like a vegetable. I will whine and roll around in the bed, wallowing in my misery. Don’t get me wrong, I will make my own medicine and food and get up to use the bathroom like a normal human, most of the time, ok sometimes…if no one is around. For the most part though, I am a vegatable until someone pays attention or  if I have to use the little girls room, whichever comes first. Being hormonal and sick is never a good mix, come to think of it, being hormonal and anything is never a good mix.

When I came home and told my husband I was sick, I changed my clothes and I completely passed out and did not wake up to screaming and yelling of “babe what do I do with…” Or “babe can you help me with…” Or “go find mommy!”.  Which can sometimes happen, usually when my husband thinks I’m faking.  I’m usually faking until there’s hacking, coughing and yellow mucus.  Occasionally I heard the “you better listen or else” followed by an earpiercing scream and fling. You know when then fling themselves on the floor. (Honey, I’m so sick I ain’t got time for that!) Instead it was peacefully quiet and I have been able to SLEEP. My husband entertained our son, doing I have no idea what, sometimes passing him off to my in laws, that’s ok, I’m not complaining. I got to sleep without a little person rolling over me and shoving their feet in my face. Who knew I would ever need to say something like that!

This is also why I haven’t been posting.  I’m in a funk, and I don’t want to spread my germs.  REALLY trying to make sure my guys don’t get sick.  It’s infinitely worse when they are sick, but that my friends, is a post for another day.


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