Paw Patrol Inspired DIY Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, next to my birthday. I look forward to halloween every year, and every year I DIY our costumes.  I’ve been DIY my halloween costume since I graduated from high school.  My mom, grandma and aunt all sew, but did they teach me? I taught myself to sew, just by watching tutorials and researching.

Does ANYONE remember a time when a store bought costume was few and far between? I mean, I certainly don’t, but I wish less people bought, and more people made their costumes.  I’m glad to see that more people are DIYing there costumes thanks to things like Pinterest!

I fell in love with homemade costumes because I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands.  When I’ve finished, I have such a great sense of accomplishment. Oh, and when people acknowledge my costume as being “cool” or “awesome” or even better they KNOW who you are PORTRAYING, you can proudly say “yea, I made that, no biggie.” It makes me feel AMAZING.

Making your costume also gives you tons of customization options. You don’t have to be limited to whats available AND you don’t have to worry about someone else having the SAME costume at that party you’re going to.

Let’s take a walk through the 2 costumes of Halloweens Past:

DIY Halloween Costumes -- UPS Baby and Flo the Insurance Girl --

Halloween 2013 — UPS Baby and Flo the Insurance Girl

DIY Halloween Costumes -- Frozen Themed Costumes -- Olaf, Anna, and Kristoff --

Halloween 2014 — Frozen Themed — Olaf, Anna, and Kristoff

And here’s our family Halloween costume for 2015: Characters from The Paw Patrol

DIY Paw Patrol Costumes -- Everest, Ryder, and Cap'n Turbot -- Paw Patrol --

If you have boys, you know what Paw Patrol is.  If you have kids, you know what Paw Patrol is. A group of “superhero” pups that save the fictional town of adventure bay!

My son wanted to be Ryder, the paw patrol’s commander. Which I was super disappointed by, because I wanted to dress him up as one of the dogs. I decided that I would be one of the pups, and chose to be Everest, a husky that lives in the mountains of Adventure Bay. And my husband didn’t figure out what he wanted to be until like three days before Halloween. He chose to be Captain Turbot, the bumbling captain, local fisherman.

To make my son’s costume, I started with this tutorial to make the bones of a helmet. Then I cut out the helmet to the shape of a motorcycle helmet. CLICK HERE.

Next to make the vest I used this vest pattern that I found on Etsy. CLICK HERE.

I did not modify the pattern at all. Instead, I cut the blue, yellow, and white fabric into strips and sewed them together, THEN traced the pattern onto each piece before cutting. Made the job 100 times easier.

The pattern is really easy, except for the pockets. The pockets were a pain in my butt. It took me about 3-4 days to figure out how to make those stinking pockets. I used this tutorial to help me figure out how to sew the pocket on correctly.  CLICK HERE.

I totally mom brained and forgot to take pictures of my Everst Costume while I was making it! To make it I followed the same steps of the pattern for the toddler vest. Instead I created my own pattern from an old jacket and added about 2 inches all the way around for seam allowance.  For the Everest hat, I simply did the same thing as the vest and sewed the strips together first and cut out two half circles. Honestly I guesstimated and I don’t intend to sell this costume so I fooled around with the stitching until I felt happy with the look. For the makeup, I used an liquid eyeliner pen, colored the bottom of my nose and drew dots on my face. SUPER SIMPLE and QUICK!

With my Husbands costume I was sewing for about 2 straight hours after I got home from work. So I was sewing right up until it was time to leave! I had bought a shirt while on a trip and thought I forgot it on the plane, so my husband threw on a shirt he had. It wasn’t exactly accurate (I’m all about accuracy) buuuutttt, I was WAAAYYY over it by the time it was time to leave. Later I would find the shirt I bought, buried in my suitcase. #duh I also made my husband tape and paint his boots! LOL, he wasn’t too happy about it. For his hat, I used an old shirt! I cut 2 semi circles with a radius the length from ear to ear. And it worked! He also had glasses made of cardboard that he BROKE when we got out of the car. Normally I would be annoyed, but I looked good and that’s all that mattered. LOL.

If you would like a more detailed tutorial of how to make the Ryder vest, let me know in the comments section down below and don’t forget to follow the blog!


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