What’s in My Hospital Bag?

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I recently got around to packing my hospital bag. I’m at the point in my pregnancy where anything can happen (and everything started to happen the first time) so I am finally prepared this time! If you are interested in finding out what I packed in my hospital bag for baby #2 check out the video below and let me know what you think!

When I was pregnant the first time around I had absolutely nothing packed. I went into preterm labor at about 32 weeks and then was induced at 37 weeks due to Pre-Eclampsia. You would have thought that after the preterm labor scare I would have gone home and packed a bag right away. Yea, that didn’t happen.  So when I went to the hospital the second time, I still had nothing with me.

This time I am ready! I have been ready since I entered my 3rd trimester. Luckily I haven’t had to use it but I am definitely more prepared this time around. I hope this list will prove helpful, especially to moms giving birth in Hawaii (Oahu). A lot of the postpartum supplies that you will need is quite hard to find but I’ve tracked them down for you (and your husband/ other half because we all know they will be the ones to run to the store at midnight to grab these things when you run out).

My bag is from Jane, it’s just a simple tote bag. It was really cheap (only $10!), and it’s a good quality waterproof bag. Unfortunately you have to stalk the Jane sit everyday until it becomes available, but I’ve noticed it is available pretty often. Everything inside of my bag is contained in ziplock bags. I am obsessed with organization (more specifically ziplock bags) especially when I travel. Why ziploc bags? Because they are cheap, easy to find, see through so I can see exactly what I have, and they keep everything contained so it doesn’t get lost. Especially if for some reason your tote rips or breaks, rest assured everything will be contained so that you will not be spilling out the contents for the world to see. On the top of my bag I have a little note attached with items that are currently not in fhe bag but should be included when its GO TIME! These are items I use everyday so obviously I can’t pack them away just yet. The note makes it easy for me to remember or to inform someone else in case I leave the bag at home.

So what’s in your bag Thay?! Okay, okay here is a list of what I have included, please keep in mind that this is only for Mommy, not baby or daddy. I have separate bags for both of those special people. 

What's In My Hospital Bag || Mommy's Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery || INSPIREALOHA.NET

What’s In My Hospital Bag || Mommy’s Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery || INSPIREALOHA.NET

•Tootbrush (mine are disposable because I don’t want to bring hospital germs home with me)
•Hand Sanitizer
•Face Wash
•Body Wash
•Shampoo (I packed the 2 in 1 Body wash and Shampoo from Honest Co.)
• Loofa and Washcloth (in BRIGHT colors so that I dont forget it at the hospital, although I will probably chuck both when I get home, hospital germs)
•Hand Lotion

Post Partum Supplies
Some of these items are suprisingly hard to find locally so I’ve tracked them down for you!
•Nursing Pads (mine were samples from the new expo, Kapiolani Hospital does provide some, but some nursing pads are better then others)
•Dermoplast Spray – Make sure it’s the BLUE can not the red can. The Blue can is SUPER hard to find. You cant have it shipped to you (I don’t know why) but it is available at LONGS DRUGSTORE. Kapiolani Hospital also provides this but I ran out because I would spray this stuff like no tomorrow.
•Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads – Also really hard to find. Yes you can make your own, but I am extremely lazy to do that right now. Find it locally at TARGET only!
•Nipple Cream – This is just personal preference. Kapiolani Hospital also provides a small sample size to you but its small, and I slathered this stuff on since my milk came in early the first time. The one I have is called “Motherlove” its certified Organic but is only found at TARGET. You can also order it online.

Electronic Bag
•Phone Charger
•Portable Charger

Misc Items
•Hair Ties
•Basic Makeup
•Handheld Mirror
•Glasses (if you need them)
•PEN – you never know how important a pen is, until you have to sign 1,000 pieces of paper. There is A LOT of paperwork post-birth.

All my clothing is in this Mesh Travel Bag from Ikea. You can find similar ones on Amazon and also at Target. Its washable so I can just toss the whole thing in the wash when I get home. You could also just use a gallon size Ziplock bag.
•Nursing Tanks (2)
•Nursing Bra (2)
•Robe – This one was cheap and was also from Jane.Com
•Maxi Dress for Going Home
•Belly Bandit – I have 2, both are different sizes because you don’t know what will fit until after you give birth. Then you have to size down as you get smaller post-partum.

Some things I will toss in later are:
•Hair Brush
•Wallet (with insurance cards)

Some things that I chose not to include but you should consider are:
•Slippers (AKA Flip Flops For showering and walking around) I didnt include these because I wear rubber slipper EVERYWHERE.
•Pads – Hospital provides giant ones, and I needed those GIANT ones more than the typical maxis you buy from the store. But, I do have some for my return home.
•Underwear – The hospital provides this AMAZING mesh underwear that you can just toss or wash when you get home. You can always ask for a few extra pairs before you leave.
•Going Home outfit – Dont forget to take into account weather conditions around the time you will be giving birth. Pants, no matter how stretchy will be uncomfortable in summer, so that’s why I packed a maxi dress.
•Socks – I was CRAZY hot after I gave birth the first time, even in the hospital. Although your hospital and you may be different so socks are good to have.
•Pillow – I just ask for more pillows when I’m there. If you bring your own, use a BRIGHT pillow case so it doesn’t get lost.

That’s it! I keep the bag by my door, and I also take it with me to the doctors office because I was sent to labor and delivery from my doctors office the first time. Hoping you found this helpful, don’t forget to subscribe and follow me! I will be posting a Baby Bag post soon, so stay tuned! 

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