From PPD to Keto is Neato

Mom to mom real talk? I struggled the last 2 years with Postpartum Depression, it’s real, it sucks, and it lasted a really long time.  What’s interesting is that my PPD didn’t look like the traditional framework of PPD, it didn’t look how it’s “supposed to look”.  I didn’t have bad thoughts about hurting myself or my children.

So what was my experience like?

IMG_3088I had erratic and unpredictable mood swings, I felt alone and like no one understood me, I was angry…a lot, I had a constant feeling of being trapped and confined.  I didn’t really realize how unhappy I was until I started working full time again and it just spiraled out of control, it was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole and I couldn’t find my way out.  All the things that used to give me joy….didn’t anymore.

Being the hippie that I am, I tried all natural approaches and one of the first things I did was change my diet and start exercising.  It helped for a little bit, but eventually I fell off the wagon and I noticed my PPD had evolved into anxiety.  I opened up to my husband and told him that I felt an extreme amount of pressure and anxiety coming at my from all angles, work, family, etc.  I needed to step back and really take a look at my life and dissect what was going on.

One of the big issues that I faced head on was body image.  I have always been on the thin side.  When I got pregnant the first time, I gained over 75lbs and weighed over 200lbs at birth, I knew THEN that I never wanted to feel the way I was feeling ever again.  So every time my weight started to creep back up, I started to get anxiety and do some crazy crash dieting to get skinny.  I’d also start working out again…to be skinny….and as soon as the goal was accomplished, I bailed because….I had already reached my goal…to be skinny.IMG_3085

I can’t even begin to talk about how unhealthy that mentality was, but, it’s truly how I felt and what I was dealing with.  How could I not feel bad about myself, when the A-listers of the world are back to their pre-pregnant selves in weeks, and here I am struggling with weight and PPD!

Fast-forward to April 2018, I was still struggling to get rid of those last few baby weight pounds but honestly stopped caring about how others perceived me…or so I thought.  I’m at work and someone in passing, puts their hand on my stomach ever so gently and says “congratulations!” and proceeds to ask me some work related question.  I think I was in shock or, I don’t know, maybe even oblivious to what had happened because I think I mumbled “haha thanks…”  That was it! The last straw! The straw that broke the camels back! I vented to my coworkers and they told me I looked great, as any good friend should do, but I knew……something needed to change.

I had been hearing about the Keto-Diet and after researching it, decided to give it a go, since it was pretty similar to the way my grandfather was dieting after his heart surgery.  He always told me “sugar is no good for you, make sure you and the kids eat avocados” The most random piece of advice but, well, it stuck and he was right.  I was on a strict keto-diet for almost a month before a friend introduced me to Prüvit’s Keto//OS and I was sold instantly.

I’ve now been taking Prüvit’s Keto//OS MAX and living on a keto-ish diet for almost 5 months now and I have NEVER felt better.  One of the first things I noticed? No more brain fog and increased energy.  I could make it through the day without getting distracted at work (we have an open office environment, talk about squirrel syndrome!) I could do my work without nodding off and having to refill my coffee every 30min! My energy level was so terrible, I used to wake up at 430 to be at work by 6, be home at 2 and take a LONG (2-3hr) nap with my daughter and still feel so tired and not have any energy to play with my kids.  I felt like I was failing my kids and I was a terrible mom! After starting Keto, I didn’t have that lazy, I don’t want to do anything feeling and I had more than enough energy to come home and play with my kids.

Then the weight started going…..and fast! I noticed my waist start to reappear and my clothes fitting so much better! It was also a lot easier to control my reactions to people, where normally I would have complained or “snapped” at them, I was able to give a more even keeled response.

I have tried every stinking diet and exercise regimen under the sun you guys.  From my days of pageants, dieting on boiled chicken and broccoli, to the crash diets to get skinny fast.  I was always in it to prove to someone else that I could do it, or to be skinny.  I NEVER had the intent of being healthy and feeling better, which is probably why it never stuck.  I didn’t have a strong enough why to get me over the mental humps. I know all the diets and the exercises that I’m supposed to do, but nothing motivated me to do them.

IMG_3086With Keto, I had finally found something that was easy enough for me to stick with.  I had found something that didn’t feel like I was depriving myself, that didn’t feel like I was starving myself, and the intent was more than to just be Skinny!  After dealing with my grandma’s COPD, my grandfather’s prostate cancer, and my aunty’s colon cancer for the last 5 years, For the first time I was thinking about myself and I just wanted to feel BETTER!

With Keto, I was FINALLY feeling normal again.  I am not a doctor or nutritionist or dietitian, nor do I claim to be one.  I can only speak for myself and I do know that this lifestyle has helped me to reclaim my life.

If you’re interested just google “keto diet” and all the good, bad, and ugly will appear.  I started a support group for clients who use Prüvit products on FB that you can find here:

But, because it’s been such a huge request for those without FB, I’ll blog more about my Keto journey along with recipes that I’ve used (that are hit with non-keto peeps too!).

So stay tuned to a healthier journey with me!


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