Just not enough

Because it just wasn't enough that I've had all the symptoms I've had I've got 3 more to add to the list! Here's a rundown of what I've had/have so far: Nausea abnormal hair growth EXTREME weight gain butt cramping leg cramping fatigue swelling threatened preterm labor heart palpitations gestational diabetes and a whole bunch … Continue reading Just not enough

Hello Again World!

Excuse my long absence. Things have been somewhat...tumultuous in the past few months.  I don't even remember when the last time I posted was....then again I don't remember a lot of things. I figured I'd give you an update on what's been going down on the baby front.  We're now 35 weeks! Can you believe … Continue reading Hello Again World!

Toaster Oven Chronicles: Tuna Casserole

I'm thoroughly convinced that you earn wings when you become a mother.  Not just when you give birth but from the moment you are pregnant.  Why?  1) you have a hangover that lasts for about 4 months on average.  2) you then have to deal with all the new and weird bodily functions that you … Continue reading Toaster Oven Chronicles: Tuna Casserole

As my body grows…

As my boobs get heavier, my stomach grows pointer, my back gets sorer (is that a word? if not tough, I'm using it) and my feet and thighs get fatter I'm beginning to once again despise the effects of pregnancy, not BEING pregnant, but everything that comes along with it. My mind gets dimmer, which … Continue reading As my body grows…

25 Weeks

I've taken my Fiance's computer hostage because I've realized I've been neglecting my poor blog. Sorry ya'll. Here's a quick update of what's been going on in the past week. The weather has been pretty amazing lately and it's been very comfortable temperature wise.  Sooo, I've been a pretty happy camper. Belly is getting bigger … Continue reading 25 Weeks

Darth Vader and Semi-Broken Computer = No pictures

Here's what sucks.  My computer decided it wanted to crap out at the most crucial time in my life...the last 3 months of my pregnancy! So this means, no pictures until I get it fixed or figure out how to use the WordPress app for iPhone or use the fiance's computer for pic uploading, which … Continue reading Darth Vader and Semi-Broken Computer = No pictures

My Computer is ALL BUSS’!

I apologize times infinity for leaving ya'll hanging but my computer is buss li dat. What a great time for my computer to die on me.  So, I'm gonna make this quick and give you a smidge of an update before it craps out on my once again. Baby has been moving and a shaking.  I read … Continue reading My Computer is ALL BUSS’!

DIY…It’s All Coming Back To Me!

I'm slowly getting back to my DIY/Crafty self.  As a result, no post today.  I spent most of the day making templates for my own planner.  (yea that's the super organized, type-A part of me).  Completely Customized and only cost around $5.00 (because I'm type-A and have to have everything at my fingertips and I … Continue reading DIY…It’s All Coming Back To Me!

Is This What Nesting Is?

I've been cleaning feverishly for 2 days and the past 5 hours.  It's now 7:00PM, my back hurts, and my feet are swollen but I think I could clean everything for the next 4 months.  What's worse is that I'm actually cleaning 2 homes, my grandma's house where ALL my family still live and my … Continue reading Is This What Nesting Is?

Things People Tell a Pregnant Woman

So, I've been keeping a mental list of things people tell me regarding my pregnancy, and most of it, well, how do I put it? I don't know whether I should digest it as rude, helpful, or completely random and funny. I guess it depends on who's asking. I don't know if it's my hormones … Continue reading Things People Tell a Pregnant Woman