Recipe: Keto Eggs 2 Ways

For those on a Keto diet, the gist is that it's a low carbs/sugar, mod protein, high fat diet.  This propels you into a state of ketosis, meaning your body is primarily fueled by ketones and not glucose.  Ketosis gives you a plethora (I like big words and I cannot lie) of benefits from better … Continue reading Recipe: Keto Eggs 2 Ways


From PPD to Keto is Neato

Mom to mom real talk? I struggled the last 2 years with Postpartum Depression, it's real, it sucks, and it lasted a really long time.  What's interesting is that my PPD didn't look like the traditional framework of PPD, it didn't look how it's "supposed to look".  I didn't have bad thoughts about hurting myself … Continue reading From PPD to Keto is Neato