She’s FINALLY Here!

As I reached the end of my pregnancy, I started to get frustrated with my body and started to have serious doubts that I would be able to handle or deal with child birth this time around. When you get pregnant the first time, you really have no idea what giving birth will be like. You have no idea or even an inkling of what to expect. When the second time rolls around you have a general idea of what happens.  And when you have a traumatic experience the first time, you have fears and doubts about the second time. I had to keep telling myself to trust my body, and trust in God’s plan.

After reaching and then surpassing my due date, I was discouraged and uncomfortable, I thought she would never come out. I reached 41 weeks on Monday, August 1st, which coincidentally happened to be my son’s first day of full time pre-school. My husband and I woke up early, got him dressed and took him to school, where I was pretty much abandoned by my son as he walked (more like ran) away from me to play and yelled bye to me from afar. My husband and I went home to enjoy our FIRST and what would be our ONLY full day alone, to do WHATEVER we wanted.

2 o’clock rolled around and it was time to pick up my son from school and we also had a doctors appointment. My husband half jokingly told my father-in-law we would let him know if he had to pick up our son from the doctors office, and I added “…don’t worry she’s staying in, you won’t have to do that.” I was slightly nervous because of two reasons: 1) I had to see a different doctor because my doctor was out of the office, and 2) I KNEW they would be checking my cervix…WHICH (for lack of a better word) SUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS!!!

While in the exam room, I was talking to the doctor and telling her that nothing had changed and I was getting really discouraged because I was hoping to have that “natural birth” experience that I didn’t get with my son. Up until this point I had also denied a membrane sweep, 3 times, because I knew it would hurt, and because there’s no guarantee that it would work. There are stories of women who have to do it 2, 3, or 4 times before it works and really at that point you don’t even know if it worked because of the sweep or your body was just ready. If there is one thing I will always remember my Grandma telling me, it’s “follow your gut, you know what’s best for you, it’s your body.” During the exam, I felt a small gush and basically the doctor said that she thought my water broke so I should just go downstairs to labor and delivery. All I kept thinking was “Holy crap, she’s coming, I don’t know if I can do this again!”

I walked out of the exam room and told my husband what happened. So we went to L&D and anxiously awaited the arrival of our little one. The doctors and nurses were wonderful and I was able to labor on my own for about 4 hours. My contractions weren’t painful but they were really close together. Unfortunately they weren’t doing anything because I had only progressed about from 3cm to 4cm after 4 hours. I was induced the rest of the way and also had an epidural. I was able to SLEEP through my WHOLE labor which was AMAZING! When I gave birth to my son, I had the shakes the whole time so I was so tired when it came time to push. This time I was rested and ready to push!

About 11 hours in, I started to feel something coming after each contraction but I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling. So I just slept it off and went back to sleep.  After about 12 hours in labor, the doctor came in to check on my progress and can you guess what I had been feeling? the rest of my water bag and my daughters head pressing down. “Huh, so that’s what that was,” is what I thought.  The truth is I felt NOTHING with my son, so this was a completely new experience for me. Then the doctor looked up and said “Okay, let’s try pushing!” All I kept thinking was “Holy crap she’s coming! Holy crap 2 kids! Please don’t tear, please don’t tear, PLEASE DON’T TEAR!!!!”

After only 15 minutes of pushing, (and only second degree tears!) our little princess arrived on August 2 at 5:15am.

So to all you mothers and mothers to be: “Trust your gut, trust your body, only you know what’s best for you.”  After all was said and done, his plan was perfect and my body didn’t fail me. We are happy to announce the (better late than never) arrival of our beautiful daughter Tori. Here are a few moments from my delivery.





Thrifting for Baby!

When my son was born I will be honest, I didn’t really think too much about the cost of items because we had so many generous family and friends who bought us just about everything we needed.  As my son grew older however I started to realize how crazy expensive kids are. Now that I am pregnant (almost 9 months) with baby #2 and little man will be starting pre-school in a few months, I am determined to save as much money as I can.

I am actually pretty addicted to thrifting. I mostly blame my mom because she used to drag me on trips to Goodwill so often. I hated it. Of course I would become my mothers daughter and I now drag my son there, although he loves it and thinks we can buy everything from the thrift store.

I’ve compiled a list of how to thrift and get the best deals on your baby gear! The great thing about thrifting for kids is that you can thrift just about anything. Toys, books, baby gear, clothing, furniture; but there are also things that you should never thrift for.

Before Thrifting:
1.  Make a list of ALL the things you want to buy or need for baby
2.  Do your research on all those items
3.  Know the cost when bought brand new
4.  Check to see if the on sale price is comparable or better than second hand
5.  Check to see that the items meets the safety standards
6.  Check to see if item has been recalled

Where to thrift:
1. Craigslist or similar listing sites
Specific and takes a lot of time
2. Thrift Stores – local (churches, organizations)
Hit or miss with variety or selection
3. Thrift Stores – Chain (Goodwill, Savers, Value Village, Etc.)
Better Selection and variety
4. Garage Sales/ Yard Sales
Hit or miss with variety or selection, time waster
5. Specialty Consignment Stores for Kids
Large selection and hand bought to quality is decent to excellent

Never Thrift For:
Too much liability, better to be safe than sorry
-Stuffed Animals
Notorious for being the home to dust mites and bed bugs and are ridiculously hard to clean
-Car Seats
Along the same lines as cribs, once a car seat has been in a car accident its’ safety has been compromised and you don’t know what the previous owner has put that seat through. They also go through a pretty quick safety standard update and every year there is a newer model that has been updated to be safer. Be safe not sorry.
-Bath Toys
Bath toys can have hidden mold and mold is disgusting.

Use Caution when Thrifting for:
-Pack and Plays
-Baby Bath Tubs
These things are hard to sanitize and clean, although it can be done, it is a pain. Bath tubs also get deep scratches where mold and mildew live and it can be hard to get those things completely clean.

General Rules when thrifting for items:
-Ask yourself if it can be CLEANED, WASHED, and/or SANITIZED?
If the answer is no, do not buy the item obviously.
-Make sure there are no missing parts or pieces, no broken parts or pieces, no chips, and if it has batteries check the battery compartment to see if there is corrosion.

Definitely Thrift for:
Make sure there are no broken or missing parts and pieces and that sounds and lights work with batteries. Plastic toys are best but don’t avoid wooden toys, they can be cleaned! Just make sure the paint is not peeling and there is no chips in the wood.
No missing pages, board books are the best to thrift because they are easy to clean!
-Gear: Strollers, Bouncers, Jumpers, Baby Carriers
No broken or missing parts or pieces, can the fabric be washed/cleaned, no stains rips or tears, and for strollers check the brakes and make sure the ride is smooth.
-Nursing Covers/ Car Seat Canopies
No stains, rips, or tears
-Receiving Blankets
No stains, rips or tears
-Clothing (especially dressy clothes)
No stains, rips, tears, or that the item is not overly stretched out if it has elastic. Especially thrift for dressy items that kids hardly use and newborn clothing.  More often than not, those items will be brand new and gently used when they show up at the thrift store.

After you thrift:
-wash your hands, use some hand sanitizer
-take a black garbage bag and put your items in the bag and in your trunk
-clean, wash, and santize your items ASAP. I will be the first to admit that germs will probably be on the item.
-if you can’t get to the item right away, leave it in a black garbage bag and in the garage until you can clean it properly.

Here is the link to check for safety recalls and alerts:

If you would like to see how I clean, wash, and sanitize my thrifted items, make sure to like, comment, follow and subscribe! I hope this video and post helps you to save just a little bit of money!

Check out the video below for other tips on thrifting for baby!


What’s in My Hospital Bag?

I’ve got a new found interest in filming videos rather than typing. So every now and then I will be posting a video instead of a blog and I will link it here on my website.

Please find me on YouTube: Inspire Aloha

I recently got around to packing my hospital bag. I’m at the point in my pregnancy where anything can happen (and everything started to happen the first time) so I am finally prepared this time! If you are interested in finding out what I packed in my hospital bag for baby #2 check out the video below and let me know what you think!

When I was pregnant the first time around I had absolutely nothing packed. I went into preterm labor at about 32 weeks and then was induced at 37 weeks due to Pre-Eclampsia. You would have thought that after the preterm labor scare I would have gone home and packed a bag right away. Yea, that didn’t happen.  So when I went to the hospital the second time, I still had nothing with me.

This time I am ready! I have been ready since I entered my 3rd trimester. Luckily I haven’t had to use it but I am definitely more prepared this time around. I hope this list will prove helpful, especially to moms giving birth in Hawaii (Oahu). A lot of the postpartum supplies that you will need is quite hard to find but I’ve tracked them down for you (and your husband/ other half because we all know they will be the ones to run to the store at midnight to grab these things when you run out).

My bag is from Jane, it’s just a simple tote bag. It was really cheap (only $10!), and it’s a good quality waterproof bag. Unfortunately you have to stalk the Jane sit everyday until it becomes available, but I’ve noticed it is available pretty often. Everything inside of my bag is contained in ziplock bags. I am obsessed with organization (more specifically ziplock bags) especially when I travel. Why ziploc bags? Because they are cheap, easy to find, see through so I can see exactly what I have, and they keep everything contained so it doesn’t get lost. Especially if for some reason your tote rips or breaks, rest assured everything will be contained so that you will not be spilling out the contents for the world to see. On the top of my bag I have a little note attached with items that are currently not in fhe bag but should be included when its GO TIME! These are items I use everyday so obviously I can’t pack them away just yet. The note makes it easy for me to remember or to inform someone else in case I leave the bag at home.

So what’s in your bag Thay?! Okay, okay here is a list of what I have included, please keep in mind that this is only for Mommy, not baby or daddy. I have separate bags for both of those special people. 

What's In My Hospital Bag || Mommy's Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery || INSPIREALOHA.NET

What’s In My Hospital Bag || Mommy’s Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery || INSPIREALOHA.NET

•Tootbrush (mine are disposable because I don’t want to bring hospital germs home with me)
•Hand Sanitizer
•Face Wash
•Body Wash
•Shampoo (I packed the 2 in 1 Body wash and Shampoo from Honest Co.)
• Loofa and Washcloth (in BRIGHT colors so that I dont forget it at the hospital, although I will probably chuck both when I get home, hospital germs)
•Hand Lotion

Post Partum Supplies
Some of these items are suprisingly hard to find locally so I’ve tracked them down for you!
•Nursing Pads (mine were samples from the new expo, Kapiolani Hospital does provide some, but some nursing pads are better then others)
•Dermoplast Spray – Make sure it’s the BLUE can not the red can. The Blue can is SUPER hard to find. You cant have it shipped to you (I don’t know why) but it is available at LONGS DRUGSTORE. Kapiolani Hospital also provides this but I ran out because I would spray this stuff like no tomorrow.
•Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads – Also really hard to find. Yes you can make your own, but I am extremely lazy to do that right now. Find it locally at TARGET only!
•Nipple Cream – This is just personal preference. Kapiolani Hospital also provides a small sample size to you but its small, and I slathered this stuff on since my milk came in early the first time. The one I have is called “Motherlove” its certified Organic but is only found at TARGET. You can also order it online.

Electronic Bag
•Phone Charger
•Portable Charger

Misc Items
•Hair Ties
•Basic Makeup
•Handheld Mirror
•Glasses (if you need them)
•PEN – you never know how important a pen is, until you have to sign 1,000 pieces of paper. There is A LOT of paperwork post-birth.

All my clothing is in this Mesh Travel Bag from Ikea. You can find similar ones on Amazon and also at Target. Its washable so I can just toss the whole thing in the wash when I get home. You could also just use a gallon size Ziplock bag.
•Nursing Tanks (2)
•Nursing Bra (2)
•Robe – This one was cheap and was also from Jane.Com
•Maxi Dress for Going Home
•Belly Bandit – I have 2, both are different sizes because you don’t know what will fit until after you give birth. Then you have to size down as you get smaller post-partum.

Some things I will toss in later are:
•Hair Brush
•Wallet (with insurance cards)

Some things that I chose not to include but you should consider are:
•Slippers (AKA Flip Flops For showering and walking around) I didnt include these because I wear rubber slipper EVERYWHERE.
•Pads – Hospital provides giant ones, and I needed those GIANT ones more than the typical maxis you buy from the store. But, I do have some for my return home.
•Underwear – The hospital provides this AMAZING mesh underwear that you can just toss or wash when you get home. You can always ask for a few extra pairs before you leave.
•Going Home outfit – Dont forget to take into account weather conditions around the time you will be giving birth. Pants, no matter how stretchy will be uncomfortable in summer, so that’s why I packed a maxi dress.
•Socks – I was CRAZY hot after I gave birth the first time, even in the hospital. Although your hospital and you may be different so socks are good to have.
•Pillow – I just ask for more pillows when I’m there. If you bring your own, use a BRIGHT pillow case so it doesn’t get lost.

That’s it! I keep the bag by my door, and I also take it with me to the doctors office because I was sent to labor and delivery from my doctors office the first time. Hoping you found this helpful, don’t forget to subscribe and follow me! I will be posting a Baby Bag post soon, so stay tuned! 

35 Weeks: Since I’ve Been Gone

With my first pregnancy, I blogged about everything that happened. The aches and pains, tests, complaints, all of it.  I’ve come to find out that it has helped quite a few people. I contemplated for awhile if I would continue to blog through my second pregnancy, but days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I’ll be honest, it’s damn near impossible to blog while barfing and trying to take care of a 3 year old. There are MANY, and I mean MAAANNNY Mommies out there who can, and do, and look like freaking Wonder Woman while doing it. I however, am not one of those women. I am a big lazy baby when I am sick, and I am even lazier while pregnant. 32 Weeks Pregnant 32 Weeks Pregnant

Following my horrible bout of morning sickness that lasted roughly 4 months, I made the conscious (or semi-conscious depending on how you look at it) decision to just sit back, relax and enjoy this pregnancy. Every few weeks I would get the urge to write and then open up my computer, only to get side tracked by Amazon, a TV show, a trip to the bathroom, or my little man who just HAD to show me something super awesome or tell me a joke.

To be perfectly honest my little man is the main reason I’ve been staying away from blogging. I realized early on that when baby came, life would not be the same for my little guy. I wanted to shower him with all my love and attention, because this would be the last few months where it’s ONLY him. To my surprise, he’s been really excited from the get go. So excited in fact he was telling people I was having twins!!! For the record I am not having twins.(ultrasounds have only showed one, that we know of, but you know kids, they have this weird 6th, 7th, and 8th sense) 

He talks to my belly and gets to feel all the squirming and kicking. He loves helping me buy all the new baby items and has been helping me clean like a maniac for his new siblings arrival. He also likes to give his input about names. The typical toddler boy he is gives suggestions like “poop” and “butt” and my favorite “poop on your head”. It’s been a relief to say the least that he’s so excited to be getting a new lifelong friend.This pregnancy hasn’t been all roses though, let me tell you! After my brief hospital visit for my morning sickness, I was given anti-nausea medicine (which I didn’t take because I’m a hippie) and instead turned to essential oils (cue Angels singing). I could sniff those damn oils all day long. I digress. After the morning sickness I was instructed to take the Gestational Diabetes (GD) Test because I had developed it in my first pregnancy. I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. What was my reward? A retest at 28 weeks! Can you guess what happened? I once again failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. The good news is that I am now in the clear for GD. 31 weeks Pregnant 31 weeks Pregnant

Other than the headache of going through so much testing for GD my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful compared to my first pregnancy. This time around I have been a lot better about my eating and exercise habits. If you didn’t think that those things mattered, I’m here to tell you that they do. I have noticed a substantial difference in my energy levels during this pregnancy compared to last but I’m sure it could be attributed to the fact that I am chasing a 3 year old all. day. long.

I am currently 35 weeks and in comparison to my last pregnancy, I have gained about 28 lbs VS 75lbs the first time. The BIGGEST change besides my weight is that I have had no swelling! It’s been so amazing to not feel like a giant whale. Have I been without aches and pains though? No. Backaches have been plaguing me in recent weeks and I am being closely watched for Pre-Eclampsia (since I also developed that in my first pregnancy) but that has been the extent of it. We are nearing the 9 month mark and Doc thinks that I’m not going to make it to full-term because baby is already head down, and low in the pelvis. I’ve already had a talk with my new little love and it needs to stay put until July. You need to bake just a little bit longer! 

Has Anyone Seen Thay?

Hi Friends!

I know I sort of just dropped off the face of the earth and you may (or maybe not) have been wondering what the heck happened.  It’s weird how life will throw you a curve ball just when you get into the groove of life. Things had just been settling down, and we were all getting into a rhythm and then WHAM! I caught an awful flu/sinus infection in October, which put me out of commission for about 2 awful weeks. When I finally started getting better I was working my tail off since I had been out of work for so long.  Then, the holidays snuck up on me and before I knew it, it was thanksgiving. I decided to take thanksgiving slow and enjoy the time spent with our family.  The problem was I had been keeping this secret ALL to myself.

My son turned 3 on December 1 and we took him to Disneyland for his birthday.  After that life has been kind of a blur.  Christmas came and went, and where was I? Battling a serious bout of morning sickness.  That’s right friends, we are expecting baby #2 in July this year and it has been nothing short of exhausting.  My morning sickness has been borderline Hypermesis (the really serious kind of morning sickness), If that wasn’t enough, my little man and I have been passing a cold back and forth for about a month now and mine took a horrible turn which landed me in the hospital and hooked up to an IV. I think we’re finally coming out of the cold AND morning sickness stage (I HOPE!) and can finally start enjoying this pregnancy.  It’s so funny how everyone asks if I’m excited and my response is “I’ll let you know when I stop barfing.”

So, in a nutshell I haven’t been around because I’ve been in bed practically all day because even standing to shower will cause me to vomit, sometimes uncontrollably.  It’s an experience to say the least! To be honest I probably won’t be back completely for another few weeks. HOWEVER, when I do feel up to it you can look forward to more Hapai in Hawaii, which I have since relocated to this site. If you want to take a walk with me down memory lane, you can click the archives and see the journey through my first pregnancy.  If you still feel like walking with me (because if I’m running you better run to, because I’ll be running for ice cream or away from giant cockroaches) then I’ll be posting some new pregnancy content.  It’s like when I’m pregnant my wit level kicks up a few hundred notches. Don’t get any ideas though, pregnancy is no walk in the park for this mama, and there will be no talk of me being pregnant all the time.

So stay tuned for more, it’s sure to be a good laugh this time around too.



A Month of Gratitude: Unexpected Moments of Gratitutde

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.”  — A.A. Milne, Winnie The Pooh

Around this time of year, we realize we should be extra grateful or extra thankful.  We know that Thanksgiving is just one day, but we should should gratitude 365 days of the year.  We also tend to list what we are thankful for, sometimes without really thinking it through. I am guilty of this and throughout the day I have my mantras that I say to myself to keep my in the right frame of mind: “I am thankful for my health, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful to be a mother, I am thankful for my husband, I am thankful for my job. Be nice, be courageous, be kind.” However, throughout the day I am also presented with unexpected moments of gratitude. Moments where I think “Wow, I need be thankful.” Continue reading

The Great Shopping Conundrum

For the last few months of the year, I feel like I am always shopping. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, multiple birthdays, etc. It just keeps on going.  I will say that I actually ENJOY buying presents for other people. It’s so much fun, sometimes I take it WAY over the top and end up making a gift basket because I couldn’t decide on just one present.  Then there are other times when I just keep putting it off and putting it off until it’s the last minute…you know like a good procrastinator.  Take for instance today. I asked my husband to take my son to run some errands so I could go shopping for my mother-in-law’s, my niece’s and my son’s birthdays. (One belated-late and two-early)

First of all, I completely forgot that it was a holiday. Not just a holiday but a STATE and FEDERAL holiday meaning no school and no work for about 75% of the island. Guess what? Everyone had the same idea today.  Normally when I’m with my son, I’m only about to hit up maybe 2 stores, 3 MAX. If I’m alone on a weekday while everyone is working, I can get to about 6-8 stores. Today, I made it to 2…I should have just taken my son shopping with me! Traffic was crazy, parking was crazy, and guess what? I didn’t buy anyone presents because I was so stressed out about parking my stinking car! When I finally did get into the store, all I could think about was I NEED to buy something to make this dang trip worth it! I KNOW, I shouldn’t have done it but I did. I will admit that I did get some pretty good deals though! (Nordstrom Rack is having their clear the racks sale with an additional 25% off red tags…just saying…you know, in case you want to go shopping for gifts…for yourself.)

I hope I’m not the only one that does this but I was in the dressing room and I was thinking to myself: “Why is it that when I have money and want to go shopping for myself, I never see anything that I want or like? Why is it that when I’m broke and go “window shopping” I see a plethora of items I’d like to own? ALSO, Why is it that when I need to go shopping for someone else I end up walking away empty handed BUT, I saw a ton of things that I would like?  I went shopping for my family, and here I am leaving with some jeans and boots that I don’t really need! UGH.” Does anyone know the answers to these questions? I KNOW you don’t, It’s the shopping conundrum I tell you!

Online shopping for clothing can be a joke too. If you’re anything like me, you hate going to the mall to go shopping. On the other hand, you would rather go shopping because you can try before you buy. If you buy online, odds are HIGH that the dress that looked cute on that cute, tall, and skinny girl, will make you look like Grumpy from the Seven Dwarves.  How do I know, because it’s happened. It get’s better though because although it’s free returns, you’ve ripped the package to shreds, and have no box to put it in.  OR, you have the package but you let it sit, on your desk, for nearly half a century before you remember you need to send it back. By which time, it’s too late to send it back to you resort to selling it on Poshmark to only get maybe a 1/4 of what you paid! Double UGH! The shopping conundrum!!!!!!!

Well in any case, if you decide to go shopping this week, stop by Ala Moana for their Grand Opening of The Ewa Wing and also stop by Nordstrom Rack and get 25% of all red tag items…The Ward Village location has got a TON of stuff that I would just love to buy, but I’m on shopping restriction since the holidays are coming and we are leaving for Disneyland in about 3 1/2 weeks. I’ll be showing you my cute finds in an upcoming post so stay tuned!


Threenager? Myth or Reality?

Meltdowns are becoming increasingly common in our household. I’m not entirely sure what the reason is, maybe It’s that time of the month (all month long?), maybe I’m becoming a mom to a threenager. Did you know that was such a thing? A threenager? I had been hearing about it off and on for a few months now and I thought it was such joke. Why would you call your three year old a threenager? Well friends, I’m here to tell you that a threenager IS A THING, and it’s a BEAST.

My son seems to be a month or two ahead of the game, he’s been that way from, well before he was born! He tried to make his grand entrance into the world at 28 weeks, he crawled for a month and went straight to walking at about 10 months, he started speaking in crisp and clear sentences at about 28 months, and the list goes on and brings us to today. He’s negotiating, he’s screaming, he’s giving me rascal looks, he’s telling me to go away and leave him alone, he’s a THREENAGER! Continue reading

Paw Patrol Inspired DIY Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, next to my birthday. I look forward to halloween every year, and every year I DIY our costumes.  I’ve been DIY my halloween costume since I graduated from high school.  My mom, grandma and aunt all sew, but did they teach me? I taught myself to sew, just by watching tutorials and researching.

Does ANYONE remember a time when a store bought costume was few and far between? I mean, I certainly don’t, but I wish less people bought, and more people made their costumes.  I’m glad to see that more people are DIYing there costumes thanks to things like Pinterest!

I fell in love with homemade costumes because I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands.  When I’ve finished, I have such a great sense of accomplishment. Oh, and when people acknowledge my costume as being “cool” or “awesome” or even better they KNOW who you are PORTRAYING, you can proudly say “yea, I made that, no biggie.” It makes me feel AMAZING.

Continue reading

Picky Eaters: 10 Ways To Encourage Healthy Eating

My son is a picky eater.  I shouldn’t say picky, he actually eater a wider variety of foods than my 19 year old sister.  When he was just starting to eat solid foods, I was one of those moms who thought she would make all of his baby food jars just gross me out.  And I did it! It was a great experience and I 100% enjoyed it.  I frequented farmer’s markets and tried to buy local when I could. My son got the purest possible foods with the most minimal amount of additives. For those first few months to a year he would eat anything and everything I would put on his plate or plop in front of him.

Flash forward to today and I am in pancake and hotdog hell.  Now that my little guy talks, I give him choices of meals, which he usually shoots down and says “uh, mommy, I tink I want some…..(long pause)…pancakes!”. Sometimes I dig myself in a hole and just ask him what he wants, when I know the answer is “pancakes mommy!”.  90% of the time he will respond with “pancakes mommy!” or “mommy hotdogs!”. I haven’t got the faintest idea why pancakes, but hotdogs I get. Nitrates, human DNA and all, I love me some hotdogs! Everything in moderation right?

Continue reading