Mommy, Why?

Do you remember a time when your child was a cute little immobile drooling new born?  When you would whisper to them, “I can’t wait until can walk,” or “I can’t wait until you can play catch,” or “I can’t wait until you can wipe your own butt”.  It can’t be only me.  I remember whispering those sweet nothings into my little boy’s ears until one day, he was running (me ragged), feeding himself (and the floor), and using the bathroom (not just the toilet, sink, or bathtub).

There was a time when I wished my little man, could walk and talk.  I talked to him all the time.  I told him what was going on around him, what we were going to do, and what we were going to eat, to which the response was always bealjdljdnadincadkds lkdnasflnacjnac alkdnaslcnsakcd.  Now?  He talks to me, actually TALKS to me, and ASKS questions…TONS of questions.  His favorite question? Why? Mommy, Why that man walking over there?  Mommy, Why that lady in her car?  Mommy, why we have to go shopping? Mommy, why that man sweating so much? Continue reading


Island Eats: Via Gelato

Ice cream is probably my dessert weakness. I’ve never really cared for pies, cakes, cookies, or cupcakes, but ice cream…I can never turn it down!  When I was pregnant, I swear I used it as an excuse to eat a bowl every night after dinner, for that I paid two fold.  I got gestational diabetes, and my son is addicted too! (well, sugar in general).  I promise, I was a good mom and I tried to keep anything sweet out of those tiny little hands and mouth, but the sweet tooth is strong in my family.  My mom, aunty, and sister are ALWAYS eating something that can and will rot your teeth, it was no wonder that one of his first experiences with cake was with my crazy family!

Island Life: Via Gelato, Kaimuki, Hawaii Continue reading

Halloween in Hawaii

Halloween in Hawaii

When I think of Halloween, I think of the movie “Hocus Pocus”.  It’s a pretty unrealistic expectation of what to expect for Halloween in Hawaii. For starters, it doesn’t get dark until around 700, and by then we’re hungrier than hungry. Next, it almost always, rains and if it doesn’t rain it feels like a sauna. There have only been a handful of years when it hasn’t rained on Halloween. Continue reading