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Everyday Outfit

My everyday look consists of a T-shirt and shorts, or Tank top and shorts. The weather here in Hawaii is usually hot, even in winter. Very rarely do I feel like I HAVE to wear pants. It's a blessing and curse. I yearn for Fall weather here, and when it comes around every once in … Continue reading Everyday Outfit

Dressing up in Hawaii

My fashion posts are going to be quick and simple, just how I like it. That seems to be the running theme through my blog. quick and simple recipes, quick and simple fashion, quick and simple makeup. I don't like to spend a ton of time doing things, because, like I've mentioned in a few … Continue reading Dressing up in Hawaii

Dressing My Bump: What Di Pilipino Ladee Tell Me

I missed this weeks dressing my bump for obvious reasons.  I was in Cali, and well I was enjoying my short little vacay with mi familia.  After one of my shopping extravaganzas, I deicided to wait inside of Saks Off 5th instead of standing in the heat.  While waiting di pilipino laydee greeting people by … Continue reading Dressing My Bump: What Di Pilipino Ladee Tell Me

Dressing My Bump: Comfy Womfy!

I promise you, I am growing bigger by the minute.  I am now up to 130lbs (moooo).  I find myself wearing the same clothes over and over again and it is becoming harder and harder to look cute and pregnant...not just pregnant. My boobs are the size of small countries and my feet are turning … Continue reading Dressing My Bump: Comfy Womfy!

Rain, Rain, Go…SHOPPING!

Today is Wednesday.  Normally, I would post a What I Wore Wednesday: Dressing My Bump Edition today.  However, thanks to all the storms that have been headed in our direction, we've been getting some wind and rain.  Rain + you will never see inside of my house + my camera being uber expensive = no … Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go…SHOPPING!

Dressing My Bump: Summer Cool

My friend from high school/college  just had a baby 2 weeks ago.  I got together with her and a couple of our friends from college just to catch up, talk story, and complain about why we hate teaching. This baby is adorable, even if she only slept the whole time we were there, she's the … Continue reading Dressing My Bump: Summer Cool

Fall style in summer? If it fits, hell to the yes!

I really don't want to buy maternity clothes.  Actually, I don't mind it so much because most styles are UBER comfortable.  However, being as petite as I am, I have THE HARDEST time finding things that fit!  I've always had this problem though so I'm really unfazed by it.  For as long as I can … Continue reading Fall style in summer? If it fits, hell to the yes!

Dressing my bump

Isn't it weird how different people's perceptions of pregnancy bumps are?  I've had people tell me I'm not showing and some people telling me I am.  I've had people tell me I'm small for 4 months, and some tell me I'm big for 4 months.  And each time I just nod my head, smile, and … Continue reading Dressing my bump