As my body grows…

As my boobs get heavier, my stomach grows pointer, my back gets sorer (is that a word? if not tough, I’m using it) and my feet and thighs get fatter I’m beginning to once again despise the effects of pregnancy, not BEING pregnant, but everything that comes along with it.

My mind gets dimmer, which leads me to wonder why I decided to open my Etsy shop at this point and time.  So over the past week I’ve finally had the urge to create a few logos, designs, and jewelry creations for my online Etsy shop.  You can visit it here at

Oh, so here’s a new side effect, my vision officially sucks.  I cannot spend more than about 20 minutes in the sun without sun glasses on.  If I do, I am officially blind for another 20 minutes once I step indoors.  Now, I know this happens to people who are not pregnant, it’s happened to me before, however, I feel like the effects are 500 billion times GREATER than if I weren’t pregnant.

We also FINALLY finished registering for our baby shower.  Who knew that there were so many different kinds of bottles!  Slow flow nipples, fast flow nippes, curved bottles, glass bottles, straight bottles, disposables, plastic bottles, and don’t you dare give me a bottle that has BPA! (WTF is BPA?)  I feel like I’m already a failure at motherhood, and the baby isn’t even here.  What do you even put on a registry to begin with? I know the big stuff but after that do I really have to list EVERY KIND of onesie available on the market?  Do I list the 5 different playards I want hoping that you’ll pick one I like or just list the one playard that I like hoping I don’t end up with 6 because target doesn’t delete from the registry once it has been bought.  Can you say overwhelmed?  No wonder it took me 3 months to finish that dang thing.

Here’s another thing, I went from being the laziest organized person on the planet to becoming the busy bee that needs to keep moving constantly.  I can no longer sit down to watch a 5 hour marathon of Charmed or The Big Bang Theory because I get antsy and start to see or think about all the things that need to get done before my little one arrives. And really, it’s things that should have been done LONG before I was pregnant as an every day chore, but being the laziest person ever I just never did it.

Remember I told ya’ll we found out what we’re having a few months ago? Maybe it was only a month ago?  My brain is fried and my perception of time is drastically skewed.  Anywho, Fiance didn’t want me to share what we were having at the time, but, I think it’s safe to say what we’re having now, considering everyone pretty much knows, and my registry is done, and my baby shower is next month. So here it goes, I’ll leave you with this picture:

It’s a…..Hopefully you can figure it out. 🙂

26 Weeks


Mountain Man, Lunch, and Fatty McFatterson

Please excuse my absence from posting yesterday, quite a lot has been going on this week and I’ve been absolutely pooped.

My Fiance, The Dog Whisperer AKA The Mountain Man

A few weeks ago we got word that a dog went missing in our neighborhood, since we are dog lovers we have been keeping an eye out for the dog.  Late last week, my future sister-in-law saw the dog by our stairs, the dog got scared and took off into the mountain behind out house.  Now that we knew where the dog was, my Fiance decided to contact the dog owners since they are a friend of a friend.  We have been putting out food for the dog every day since we saw her and she’s come down out of the mountain a few times to eat.  We’ve also been very vigilant to see if we could catch glimpses of the dog and where it might be hiding.  I spent a lot of days sitting in my car (which faces the mountain) and staring at the mountain, trying to see if I could catch ANY glimpse of that poor dog.  I don’t know if it’s my hormones, that fact I’m a dog lover, or the fact that my future Mother-in-Law’s dog got lost in the mountain once ,(also rescued by SuperHulk the Mountain Man) but I really felt horrible knowing that poor dog was hungry, lost, and in the rain!   My Fiance even went into the mountain a few times to see if he could see her.  He saw her tracks and a cave that she might have been in so we contacted the owners once again to let them know that she is still in the mountain and to call of any hikers that might look for her in case she runs away again.  Well, up until this point the dog has not barked or made excessive noise to let us know where she is, until today! After being dropped off at work my Fiance heard the dog barking!  We knew it had to be her because only small dogs live on our street.  My Fiance took to the mountains being the rugged guy he is and went searching for the dog.  Long story short the dog has been caught and returned home, thanks to my mountain man, dog whisperer Fiance.

Lunch With My Favorite Almost Miss Hawai’i’s

SOME of us pageant girls just have to stick together.  It’s super cheesy, but pageants (especially the Miss America Organization) are a sisterhood.  I’ve made A LOT of close friends by participating in the Miss Hawaii Organization.  Yesterday I met up with a couple of my girlfriends, one of which is also a flight attendant now, to catch up and so they can rub buddah’s belly (yes, me).

Here’s why I didn’t post yesterday:  I spent an hour looking for parking, people do not drive correctly, I was hormonal, irritated, and tired by the time our get together was over so I went home to eat, shower, and sleep.

By the way, as I am writing this, baby is kicking to tell y’all HI! 🙂

Back to my story, I spent an hour looking for parking but I will not digress from my lovely afternoon with my amiga’s cheetahs (for all you Disney, Cheetah Girls Fans, RAWR!) AKA Kardashian Sisters (BTW yes at least 2 of the three of us ARE obsessed with the Kardashian’s as ridiculous as that is). Anyway, moving on.

We had a nice afternoon despite me being late, my neice kicking some tuna salad all over my Kate Spade bag, Spilling Juice next to me, a waitress who was not friendly at all even though I say please and thank you, and being overall cranky because I was late.

TODAY’s Mood: Hi I’m Thalia and I feel like a Fatty McFatterson

Today was hot and muggy, I felt and looked HUGE, SuperHulk was late to pick me up (yes, for good reason), overall, I was just not having it today.  I was not feeling like my friendly self (BAHAHA! If you know me, you know why I’m laughing) and I just wanted to hide in air conditioned cave all day.  Bright side: My Mum-mum-mummy-mama was nice enough to pack me lunch this morning, which was kind of awesome and we have an ultrasound on Monday, YEE!

18 weeks 6 days

No I’m not fat

Last night I got absolutely no sleep.  I could not get comfortable due to constipation…yes I said constipation.  Then, when I had to use the bathroom at 4am I could not find my slippers.  Next, the fiance decides he wants to be a pillow hog for the first time ever. So, today, I sat in my chair, in the office, and nodded off every 5 minutes until someone asked me why I’m not flying.

I guess I’m still at some in-between stage where people think I’m just fat.  It’s pretty funny/annoying to see people who haven’t seen me in a few months, talk to me, but glance at my stomach every few minutes.  Most are thinking I’m pregnant but don’t want to ask, some think I’ve gained weight and try to be nice by telling me I look great, and others are just blunt; I like the blunt ones. I haven’t told a whole mess of people that I’m “with child” for a few reasons.  Mainly because I have 1400 coworkers and I know a whopping 10% of them, but really it’s because I’m tired of being asked if I’m excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll be plenty excited once baby is here, but if you’re like me and your first experience with pregnancy is the equivalent of an infinite hangover then I’m sure we’d be the best of friends.

15 weeks 6 days

P.S. you make the color burgundy by mixing red, pink, and blue.