As my body grows…

As my boobs get heavier, my stomach grows pointer, my back gets sorer (is that a word? if not tough, I'm using it) and my feet and thighs get fatter I'm beginning to once again despise the effects of pregnancy, not BEING pregnant, but everything that comes along with it. My mind gets dimmer, which … Continue reading As my body grows…


Mountain Man, Lunch, and Fatty McFatterson

Please excuse my absence from posting yesterday, quite a lot has been going on this week and I've been absolutely pooped. My Fiance, The Dog Whisperer AKA The Mountain Man A few weeks ago we got word that a dog went missing in our neighborhood, since we are dog lovers we have been keeping an … Continue reading Mountain Man, Lunch, and Fatty McFatterson

No I’m not fat

Last night I got absolutely no sleep.  I could not get comfortable due to constipation...yes I said constipation.  Then, when I had to use the bathroom at 4am I could not find my slippers.  Next, the fiance decides he wants to be a pillow hog for the first time ever. So, today, I sat in … Continue reading No I’m not fat