Dressing My Bump: Gasp! No makeup!?

Believe it or not I do not wake up looking cute every morning.  GASP! I know, shocking, wanna know the kicker?  I’d much rather walk around WITHOUT any makeup on,  this is probably attributed to my laziness.

I really love putting on makeup, however, the worst part about putting on makeup is taking it off when you’re dead tired and all you wanna do is sleep.  Let me share with you THE BEST makeup remover around:

Physician’s Formula Eye Makeup Remover

This stuff is a bit pricey but it is THE BEST makeup remover I have ever used.  I promise you this magic goo works!

Alright on to the good stuff:  Some days I just feel like wearing a tank top and shorts.  Who am I kidding? A tank top and shorts is my uniform, I wear this stuff to the market, to go shopping, to eat dinner, and even to sleep.  It’s just so comfortable and who doesn’t like being comfortable?

In recent months I’ve been feeling huger (is that a word?) than ever, I wonder why? Oh yea, because I’m pregnant, duh.  Today I had to run some quick errands, nothing major, so this is what I wore, in retrospect it obviously made me look hugeriffic but it’s not like I really care what people think about me at this point.  It’s 90 degrees, I’m hot, hormonal, and pregnant, I’m allowed to look like a whale, and I have no qualms about it.

So in these pictures I wore these (in my opinion) AWESOME Kate Spade sunglasses that I scored from Nordstrom Rack.  I bought them a few weeks ago…(i think? my whole perception of dates and times are skewed, shot to pieces really)  Fiance has referred to them as my Korean Glasses, says they make me look Korean! How RUDE!

Tank: Forever 21     Shorts: Macy’s   Shoes: Journey’s (Keds)

Sunglasses:  Nordstrom Rack – Kate Spade  Fat: FREE! (haha, I kid, I kid)

19 Weeks 4 Days

P.S. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the gender soon! PROMISE!


Rain, Rain, Go…SHOPPING!

Today is Wednesday.  Normally, I would post a What I Wore Wednesday: Dressing My Bump Edition today.  However, thanks to all the storms that have been headed in our direction, we’ve been getting some wind and rain.  Rain + you will never see inside of my house + my camera being uber expensive = no pictures today…sorry. 😦 (I know I feel so horribly sad because I looked super cute today.)

I do enjoy the rain and wind we’ve been getting.  It keeps the pregnant lady cool and happy, and when the pregnant lady is happy, everyone is happy.

Alright, due to the fact that I won’t be posting pictures of my fashionable self, I’ve gone shopping in the past few days and here’s what I’ve gathered!

Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

I don’t know about you, but Nordstrom HAS to be one of my absolute FAVORITE department stores.  I’m a true blue Taurus so I like luxury, however, I am also very Chinese and we be frugal yo! (okay, we are cheap)

Nordstrom Rack is CURRENTLY having their Clear The Racks Event, which means anywhere from 10-75% off already reduced prices!  If you’re a Fashion Rewards Member (if you have any one of their nordstrom debit/credit cards),you earn points, 2 points for every dollar you spend.  Every 2,000 points gets you $20.00 back in Nordstrom Notes AND in addition to that they have bonus point events (double and triple days) to earn points faster! From July 20-22 there is a double point event!

Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale in 2 days, however if you’re a Fashion Rewards Member (if you have any one of their nordstrom debit/credit cards) you get early access both online and in-store.

Some other awesome things about Nordstrom:

  • If they don’t have what you want in store, they’ll ship it to the store (or your house) for you.
  • Free Shipping AND Free Returns from their website
  • Return online merchandise in store

Today while perusing through the racks at Nordstrom Rack I found $30 True Religion Jeans, $50 Kate Spade Sunglasses, and various tops to cover my baby bump from $4.00-$10.o0.


Macy’s is my go to store for just about everything, basically because they’re cheap 75% of the time and there are 2 I can go to that are 10 min away from where we live.One of the good things about Macy’s is if you have a Macy’s Card you usually get 20% off, pretty much all the time, in addition to sales that are always going on.

Currently, Macy’s is having their Summer Clearance Sale. There are tons and tons and tons and tons of tops available for under $10.00. Dope.


If you’re in the mix for basic tee’s and tank’s, Forever21 is you’re one stop shop.  They have THE most comfortable basic tops around for under $5.00!

I recently stocked up in bigger sizes because I’ve been growing some ENORMOUS chesticles thanks to my raging hormones.

My Favorite Shirt, $4.80

My Favorite Tank, $4.80


Express is having their End of Season Sale up 70% off original prices with additional 40% off already reduced prices! DOPE! I found a couple tops for work, however can I just state that I really hate the trend of EVERYTHING being stinking see through?! I bought 3 tops but of course I bought ones that weren’t on sale. Lose.

Black and White Lace, Sheer Top

Kissing Placket Mock Pocket Top

Rolled Sleeve with Piping



I think that’s it….I got really tired by about 2:00 and had to head home…especially since I started making those damn cake pops (refer to this post: How Do I Make The Color Burgundy?)

18 Weeks and 4 Days

Dressing My Bump: Summer Cool

My friend from high school/college  just had a baby 2 weeks ago.  I got together with her and a couple of our friends from college just to catch up, talk story, and complain about why we hate teaching. This baby is adorable, even if she only slept the whole time we were there, she’s the sweetest thing with a full head of hair!

Ms. Kourtney-Shane

This is Kourtney with her big sister, Lexi, who loves Hello Kitty as much as I do.

Dressing My Bump

Today I FINALLY went to get a hair cut after almost 2 months of procrastinating.  My head started to feel heavy, my hair was getting way oilier than normal, and I was getting pimples on my neck, gross.  I finally called my hair dresser/makeup maven, Dayna Okuma Mau.  This chick is a miracle worker and she always makes me look and feel gawgeous! Need your makeup done? Call her at Salon808, you won’t be sorry.

It hasn’t been extremely hot here in Hawai’i lately, mainly because there are a couple of storms down south sending some gusty trade winds our way.  Even when it does get hot here, it does not get as hot as the mainland does, and I am not complaining (I probably will once it starts getting hot again).  For now, I’m enjoying the windy weather since being pregnant and hot is no bueno!

I had the hardest time looking for clothes to wear this morning because I hate when I’m hot and my clothes start sticking to my body!  Thank goodness I invested in some of these flowy tops before I knew I was pregnant, they are amazingly comfortable and cool.

I am definitely way bigger now than I was a few months ago and slowly I’m outgrowing all of my shorts, which is again, no bueno if you live in Hawaii! However, I recently found these awesome, jean shorts from American Rag at Macy’s that have SPANDEX! Yay, for shorts and spandex!  BTW they were also on the SALE rack at an additonal 40% off, so they were around $15.00.

So today’s tip: Flowly tops and spandex are definitely you’re best friends when you’re pregnant and it’s HOT.

Top: Soprano Soprano – Nordtrom Rack    Shorts: American Rag – Macy’s   Spaghetti Strap: Forever 21

Belly Band: BeBand-Target   Shoes: Charlotte Russe   Earrings:  My mom’s creation

17 Weeks 4 days