She’s FINALLY Here!

As I reached the end of my pregnancy, I started to get frustrated with my body and started to have serious doubts that I would be able to handle or deal with child birth this time around. When you get pregnant the first time, you really have no idea what giving birth will be like. You have no idea or even an inkling of what to expect. When the second time rolls around you have a general idea of what happens.  And when you have a traumatic experience the first time, you have fears and doubts about the second time. I had to keep telling myself to trust my body, and trust in God’s plan.

After reaching and then surpassing my due date, I was discouraged and uncomfortable, I thought she would never come out. I reached 41 weeks on Monday, August 1st, which coincidentally happened to be my son’s first day of full time pre-school. My husband and I woke up early, got him dressed and took him to school, where I was pretty much abandoned by my son as he walked (more like ran) away from me to play and yelled bye to me from afar. My husband and I went home to enjoy our FIRST and what would be our ONLY full day alone, to do WHATEVER we wanted.

2 o’clock rolled around and it was time to pick up my son from school and we also had a doctors appointment. My husband half jokingly told my father-in-law we would let him know if he had to pick up our son from the doctors office, and I added “…don’t worry she’s staying in, you won’t have to do that.” I was slightly nervous because of two reasons: 1) I had to see a different doctor because my doctor was out of the office, and 2) I KNEW they would be checking my cervix…WHICH (for lack of a better word) SUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS!!!

While in the exam room, I was talking to the doctor and telling her that nothing had changed and I was getting really discouraged because I was hoping to have that “natural birth” experience that I didn’t get with my son. Up until this point I had also denied a membrane sweep, 3 times, because I knew it would hurt, and because there’s no guarantee that it would work. There are stories of women who have to do it 2, 3, or 4 times before it works and really at that point you don’t even know if it worked because of the sweep or your body was just ready. If there is one thing I will always remember my Grandma telling me, it’s “follow your gut, you know what’s best for you, it’s your body.” During the exam, I felt a small gush and basically the doctor said that she thought my water broke so I should just go downstairs to labor and delivery. All I kept thinking was “Holy crap, she’s coming, I don’t know if I can do this again!”

I walked out of the exam room and told my husband what happened. So we went to L&D and anxiously awaited the arrival of our little one. The doctors and nurses were wonderful and I was able to labor on my own for about 4 hours. My contractions weren’t painful but they were really close together. Unfortunately they weren’t doing anything because I had only progressed about from 3cm to 4cm after 4 hours. I was induced the rest of the way and also had an epidural. I was able to SLEEP through my WHOLE labor which was AMAZING! When I gave birth to my son, I had the shakes the whole time so I was so tired when it came time to push. This time I was rested and ready to push!

About 11 hours in, I started to feel something coming after each contraction but I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling. So I just slept it off and went back to sleep.  After about 12 hours in labor, the doctor came in to check on my progress and can you guess what I had been feeling? the rest of my water bag and my daughters head pressing down. “Huh, so that’s what that was,” is what I thought.  The truth is I felt NOTHING with my son, so this was a completely new experience for me. Then the doctor looked up and said “Okay, let’s try pushing!” All I kept thinking was “Holy crap she’s coming! Holy crap 2 kids! Please don’t tear, please don’t tear, PLEASE DON’T TEAR!!!!”

After only 15 minutes of pushing, (and only second degree tears!) our little princess arrived on August 2 at 5:15am.

So to all you mothers and mothers to be: “Trust your gut, trust your body, only you know what’s best for you.”  After all was said and done, his plan was perfect and my body didn’t fail me. We are happy to announce the (better late than never) arrival of our beautiful daughter Tori. Here are a few moments from my delivery.





Has Anyone Seen Thay?

Hi Friends!

I know I sort of just dropped off the face of the earth and you may (or maybe not) have been wondering what the heck happened.  It’s weird how life will throw you a curve ball just when you get into the groove of life. Things had just been settling down, and we were all getting into a rhythm and then WHAM! I caught an awful flu/sinus infection in October, which put me out of commission for about 2 awful weeks. When I finally started getting better I was working my tail off since I had been out of work for so long.  Then, the holidays snuck up on me and before I knew it, it was thanksgiving. I decided to take thanksgiving slow and enjoy the time spent with our family.  The problem was I had been keeping this secret ALL to myself.

My son turned 3 on December 1 and we took him to Disneyland for his birthday.  After that life has been kind of a blur.  Christmas came and went, and where was I? Battling a serious bout of morning sickness.  That’s right friends, we are expecting baby #2 in July this year and it has been nothing short of exhausting.  My morning sickness has been borderline Hypermesis (the really serious kind of morning sickness), If that wasn’t enough, my little man and I have been passing a cold back and forth for about a month now and mine took a horrible turn which landed me in the hospital and hooked up to an IV. I think we’re finally coming out of the cold AND morning sickness stage (I HOPE!) and can finally start enjoying this pregnancy.  It’s so funny how everyone asks if I’m excited and my response is “I’ll let you know when I stop barfing.”

So, in a nutshell I haven’t been around because I’ve been in bed practically all day because even standing to shower will cause me to vomit, sometimes uncontrollably.  It’s an experience to say the least! To be honest I probably won’t be back completely for another few weeks. HOWEVER, when I do feel up to it you can look forward to more Hapai in Hawaii, which I have since relocated to this site. If you want to take a walk with me down memory lane, you can click the archives and see the journey through my first pregnancy.  If you still feel like walking with me (because if I’m running you better run to, because I’ll be running for ice cream or away from giant cockroaches) then I’ll be posting some new pregnancy content.  It’s like when I’m pregnant my wit level kicks up a few hundred notches. Don’t get any ideas though, pregnancy is no walk in the park for this mama, and there will be no talk of me being pregnant all the time.

So stay tuned for more, it’s sure to be a good laugh this time around too.



Magic Morning VS. Extra Magic Hour Disneyland -- A guide to early admission options at Disneyland Resort --

Magic Morning VS. Extra Magic Hour

Magic Morning VS. Extra Magic Hour Disneyland -- A guide to early admission options at Disneyland Resort --

Magic Morning or Extra Magic Hour, aren’t they the same thing? First and foremost although the two names are used interchangeably depending who you talk to, I MUST tell you that they are most definitely NOT the same. Well, what are the differences you ask? Read on to find out the differences and some tips on making the most of your early admission! Continue reading

Disneyland Annual Passport VS. Park Tickets -- Your Guide to the costs of both --

Disneyland Annual Passport VS. Park Tickets

Disneyland Annual Passport VS. Park Tickets -- Your Guide to the costs of both --

So you’re planning a trip to Disneyland? I’m so STOKED for you! Beyond excited! I’m so excited there isn’t even a word to describe it! Now that you’ve decided to go to Disneyland, there are so many questions. Where to stay? How long to stay? Visit other attractions? Where to eat? Why is it so expensive? How can I save money?  I’ve done it all from 1/2 a day to a week to lavish or budget. So, I’m here to help you break it down!

For this particular post I’m going to talk about cost of entry to Disneyland.  I’ve seen the prices rise significantly over the past 3 years alone and it’s kind of staggering.  Now, before you get angry, you have to understand that Disneyland IS NOT Disney World.  It is a much smaller resort area only spanning about 160 Acres while Disney World is….wait for it…27,443 ACRES.  Now that it’s put into perspective, annually Disneyworld welcomes over 52 million people and Disneyland welcomes about 22 million. Disneyland is about 0.6% the size of Disneyworld yet it welcomes just under 50% of the same amount of people as Disneyworld.  Don’t believe me? Disneyland has had to close its gates due to capacity and overcrowding a fair amount over the past few years and there is no signs of it slowing down.  Disneyland is an amazing place and I can understand why so many people come to this magical place!  That being said, Disneyland has a serious overcrowding issue and to make crowds more manageable the only way is to figure out how to thin those crowds, and since people are willing (and will probably always be willing) to shell out the money to visit the happiest place on earth, it just makes good business sense.

Disneyland Annual Passport VS. Park Tickets -- Your Guide to the costs of both --

All 3people in this picture LIVE in HAWAII and are ANNUAL PASSHOLDERS!

I practically live in LA. Yes, it’s out of hotel rooms and suitcases BUT, I’m always there whether with family, friends, or solo.  I decided 2 years ago that I would invest in an Annual Pass for Disneyland.  It gave me something to do and honestly I’ve never looked back.  Until this year, I’ve taken pause to actually think about the feasibility of keeping my annual pass. So, this is helping me as much as it’s helping you.

When I first got my annual pass in 2013, I only paid around $650 for a Premium Passport.  The highest tier of passports available at the time, there were some excellent perks. No blackout dates, it included parking, 20% discount on merchandise, 15% discount on food, and a slew of other discounts. Fast forward to 2015 and the my Premium Passport is not available anymore, although I renewed a month before it magically disappeared.  When I renewed in September (and boy am I glad I did) it was $779. In October 2015 Disneyland rolled out 2 NEW passports and discontinued my tier of passport (fear not they are honoring it until it expires). Let’s review the Passport tiers shall we? Continue reading



Hi my name is Thalia and I am a self proclaimed Disneyland-aholic. From the time I was about 3, I started going to Disneyland AT LEAST once a year while I visited my uncle in California, I’m 28, so that’s AT LEAST 25 times, did I mention I’m from Hawai’i? Oh and I’ve been a Disneyland Annual Passholder for the past 2 years, that’s an additional 50 times (so far) that I’ve visited “The Happiest Place on Earth”.  I mentioned I live in Hawai’i right? If that’s not enough, it’s not just Disneyland, it’s Disney in general, I still have every single Disney Movie ever produced on VHS tape, Barbie Dolls of every Disney Princess, a drawer (or three) dedicated to all my Disneyland outfits, I dressed my family up in a Frozen theme for Halloween, for the past 3 years I have been trying to figure out a way where I can travel AND also work for Disney, my two dream jobs.  By work for Disney, I mean be a Princess….and I mentioned that I’m 28 and from Hawai’i RIGHT? I’m sure there’s more that I could tell you to prove my case, but, I’m going to end up looking like a weirdo…unless it’s already happened?

People who know me, know I LOVE all things Disney and Disneyland. In the 25 years that I have been visiting Disneyland I have watched it grow and change and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Magic Kingdom!  I’ve also been able to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.  In just over 2 weeks we will be taking our son to Disneyland for the….3rd time. Yes, the 3rd time and we are from Hawai’i, and yes, I have every intention of getting him hooked on Disney.


Here are 5 ways that I gear up for Disney Vacations with my family.

  1. Outfit Planning: It’s all about the outfit!  I plan all our outfits day by day for entire trip.  I make a list and about 3 days before our trip I make sure all the outfits are washed and cleaned.  The day before our trip (or the day of if we are leaving on a red eye flight) is when I usually get to pack and I will pack each outfit in gallon sized ziplock bags.
  2. Pre-Disney Shopping spree: I go shopping here at home! The sales tax in Hawaii is half of what it is in California. Since I travel for a living I also try to make a trip to a dollar store and bring things home. What do I buy? Anything Disney. Crayons, books, coloring books, toys, pens, containers, glow sticks.  Anything that will keep my son busy.  I also like to visit Target and Ross to buy my Disney shirts. They are usually anywhere between 25% to 75% off the price of Disney Parks merchandise and usually a lot cuter. I save some money and avoid the crazy shopping madness at the Parks.
  3. I create at least one matching outfit for the entire family.  It makes for such a great picture! This year I’m super excited to share with you what I created! Last year I sewed these really cute pocket tee’s with matching shorts and this year I got to use a serger to step up my sewing game!
  4. I binge watch Disney Movies. My son already watches an insane amount of Disney Junior. The sad thing is that there is no dedicated “Disney Junior” land so he can’t really interact with the characters that he really loves! (come on Disney what are you waiting for!?) So we watch and read books with the old school disney characters like Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, Nemo, etc.
  5. Have a loose plan: If you have a plan for Disneyland and are hell-bent on sticking to it, no one will be happy.  The biggest thing to remember is that you are in the happiest place on earth and on vacation! It’s okay to have ice cream for breakfast for a couple days. It’s okay buy that $10 balloon.  It’s okay if you are eating at odd hours.  If you try to stick to a strict schedule, especially with young children, you will have an angry toddler and no one will be happy. Instead of planning minute by minute. I have a general idea of what I want to get accomplished over the span of the trip and then break it down day by day. Either way I don’t let it bother me if we didn’t get to The Haunted Mansion at 5:13 PM

Disney Fun


What do you do to gear up for a Disney Vacation?  If you’d like for me to elaborate on any one of these please make sure you leave me a comment down below! Stay tuned for subsequent posts about staying safe at Disneyland, must eats, must dos, and more! I LOVE DISNEYLAND!


Mini Pumpkin Pies --

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Remember how I said I don’t really care for pumpkin anything? It’s amazing how many recipes I’ve found lately that have really turned my palette around! Pumpkin normally grosses me out, I’m not really sure what it is…the texture or the taste. Or it could be the fact that I threw up and got incredibly sick after eating a pumpkin pie at a thanksgiving dinner about a decade ago…yes a decade ago…an elephant never forgets right?

Well today this elephant is bringing you yet another fall and thanksgiving favorite Pumpkin Pie! Not just any pumpkin pie, but MINI pumpkin pies.  You guys will be MIND BLOWN when you see how easy and FAST these little desserts are. Seriously, the cuteness factor of is at 100. I whipped these little guys out in about 45 minutes…NO JOKE! The only thing that takes a little while is the cooling BUT, you could totally eat them warm and they will still be just as amazing…if not better!

Continue reading

Baking Fails: Cake Mix Pumpkin Cookies --

Baking Fails: Pumpkin Cake Mix Cookies

When I was about 15 and in high school, I thought I wanted to be a baker when I grew up.  I started taking cooking classes in school and LOVED it. Cooking is so much fun and a great skill to have for life! One thing that I learned was that baking is a science.  Baking requires precise measurements of certain ingredients or it all goes to waste!  Sometimes it requires increasing or decreasing amounts of ingredients to obtain the perfect result.  I just want to share with you some of my baking fails to SAVE you the trouble of making them yourself.

I’ve been seeing on Pinterest, recipes for making cookies from cake mix, specifically I saw a recipe for 2 ingredient pumpkin cookies. First let me say that when I think cookies, I think soft and chewy cookies OR crunchy cookies. Second, after I started making this recipe I instantly remembered my recipe for pumpkin cake, which is so yummy by the way! You can find that recipe HERE. Continue reading

A Month of Gratitude: Unexpected Moments of Gratitutde

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.”  — A.A. Milne, Winnie The Pooh

Around this time of year, we realize we should be extra grateful or extra thankful.  We know that Thanksgiving is just one day, but we should should gratitude 365 days of the year.  We also tend to list what we are thankful for, sometimes without really thinking it through. I am guilty of this and throughout the day I have my mantras that I say to myself to keep my in the right frame of mind: “I am thankful for my health, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful to be a mother, I am thankful for my husband, I am thankful for my job. Be nice, be courageous, be kind.” However, throughout the day I am also presented with unexpected moments of gratitude. Moments where I think “Wow, I need be thankful.” Continue reading

A Month of Gratitude: Forgiveness

Forgiving is HARD. When we are young we are almost always forced to apologize before we are ready.  Do you remember arguing with someone and then hearing them say “I’m sorry,” and then yelling back, “Don’t say it if you don’t mean it!” or “I don’t want you to say it because I’m making you.” I do. I remember saying it way too often. (in fact I still do it).  While it’s hard to say “I’m Sorry,” it’s probably harder to say “It’s okay. I forgive you.” Why is that? Probably because we have been so hurt and shaken to our core, that to forgive would be like losing. But are we losing when we forgive? What kind of contest are we competing in?

I’ve had “daddy issues” for most of my life.  My father was not present in my life growing up, whether by choice or circumstance.  For years, I grew up unfazed by the fact that I did not have a dad. When friends would ask about my father, I would answer rather nonchalantly “I don’t know, he’s not around, in fact I don’t even know who he is.”  Deep down, it bothered me that he was not there.  There came a point in my life where I was growing older, and I had questions, with the biggest being “WHO? Who is my father?” As my mother and I were going through pictures, she randomly pointed out a man, I knew to just be my uncle, and said “That’s your dad.” At first I was blindsided, was she for real? How did she know? A rush of emotions and thoughts flooded my brain! I couldn’t think, I didn’t want to think. For so long, I had been lied to by my mother, my father, MY FAMILY! How and why did this happen to me?  I had every reason to be angry at my mother, my family, my father, and even God.  If God loved me, why would he put me in a situation to not be loved by someone who should ultimately love me unconditionally? Was I unloveable?

A month of Gratitude -- forgiveness --

Of course the answer to that question is no, but to be young and vulnerable is a tumultuous time in one’s life. I think there is a story in the Gospel of Mark called Jesus Curses a Fig Tree that sums up what I am trying to tell you.
“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” Mark 11: 22-26

All through out the bible there are stories of forgiveness of each other and forgiveness from God for our sins.  By definition, forgiving is an emotional release of someone who has harmed you in someway.  Letting go of all negative feelings, and that is easier said than done. Jesus’ teachings say to “Never pay bay evil with more evil…Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing GOOD.” Romans 12:17-21 Do you see where I’m going with all of this? Love thy neighbor. God loves us so much that he says time after time, throughout the ENTIRE bible, beginning to end, do not worry, live in love, I (he) will take care of the rest. All you have to worry about is living in love.

To be forgiven, we must first forgive, and we must truly, whole heartedly believe that we are ready to forgive and let go of ANY and ALL negativity that has taken a hold on our lives.  We must forgive to a point where we can be able to walk away and say “Thank you”.  We are not saints, we make choices we regret, we make mistakes and that’s okay, we are human!  Throughout my life, I’m positive I have not always been kind or nice.  I have said and done things that I am truly sorry for.  I have also been faced with a plethora of situations where someone has chosen to directly or indirectly be hurtful to me.  In those situations that I have been faced with, I have not always chosen to act with the grace.  I have had multiple reasons to be angry or mad, or to hold a grudge. A month of Gratitude -- forgiveness --

It was only after I made the conscious decision to forgive those who had hurt me, and let go of all the negative emotions and feelings I was harboring that I realized my life, with every tiny flaw, was an abundance of blessings.  I was blessed with people who were only trying to protect me. I was blessed with valuable lessons.  And you know what, In this situation with my “daddy issues”, I was blessed with 4 fathers! My Grandfather, my Uncle, my Dad, and God.  My God loved me SO MUCH that he gave me 4 dads!  I forgave/thanked my family for trying to protect me, I forgave/thanked my father for being able to get the courage to reach out and let him into my life, he is here now and choosing to make an effort and THAT is what should matter to me. Lastly, I FORGAVE and THANKED God for teaching me this valuable lesson. Even if it hasn’t always felt that way, my life has by no means been hard, in fact it was quite the opposite.  While I grew up in a single parent home, I was no less loved. I was just too blinded by my anger to realize that.  For 28 years I have been loved beyond belief, by my mother, my family, and my friends, but most importantly, I have been loved by God.

You see, what are we gaining by holding onto that anger or hate? Nothing. we push away those who love us and want to love us. We push away the love that is right in front of us.  We push away the happiness that INSTEAD could consume us.  All around, when we choose to live in anger and hate, that is when we are losing.  I realize that it is not easy to forgive, you need time to digest the situation, you need time to adjust and think. I know I’ve been there.  It may not be today, tomorrow, months or years from now, but If I had continued to believe and live in that anger, I truly believe that It would have quite literally, eaten me alive and it will do it to you too! Instead of living in anger and hate, I chose to forgive, now the question is will you?


Paw Patrol Inspired DIY Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, next to my birthday. I look forward to halloween every year, and every year I DIY our costumes.  I’ve been DIY my halloween costume since I graduated from high school.  My mom, grandma and aunt all sew, but did they teach me? I taught myself to sew, just by watching tutorials and researching.

Does ANYONE remember a time when a store bought costume was few and far between? I mean, I certainly don’t, but I wish less people bought, and more people made their costumes.  I’m glad to see that more people are DIYing there costumes thanks to things like Pinterest!

I fell in love with homemade costumes because I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands.  When I’ve finished, I have such a great sense of accomplishment. Oh, and when people acknowledge my costume as being “cool” or “awesome” or even better they KNOW who you are PORTRAYING, you can proudly say “yea, I made that, no biggie.” It makes me feel AMAZING.

Continue reading