Mommy, Why?

Do you remember a time when your child was a cute little immobile drooling new born?  When you would whisper to them, "I can't wait until can walk," or "I can't wait until you can play catch," or "I can't wait until you can wipe your own butt".  It can't be only me.  I remember whispering … Continue reading Mommy, Why?

Island Eats: Via Gelato

Ice cream is probably my dessert weakness. I've never really cared for pies, cakes, cookies, or cupcakes, but ice cream…I can never turn it down!  When I was pregnant, I swear I used it as an excuse to eat a bowl every night after dinner, for that I paid two fold.  I got gestational diabetes, … Continue reading Island Eats: Via Gelato

Mountain Man, Lunch, and Fatty McFatterson

Please excuse my absence from posting yesterday, quite a lot has been going on this week and I've been absolutely pooped. My Fiance, The Dog Whisperer AKA The Mountain Man A few weeks ago we got word that a dog went missing in our neighborhood, since we are dog lovers we have been keeping an … Continue reading Mountain Man, Lunch, and Fatty McFatterson

The Dreaded First Post

I'm a flight attendant by day and nauseated couch potato by night.  I feel like I have a permanent hangover.  Whoever coined the term "morning sickness" lied, and I highly dislike them. Yes, I am one of the unfortunate women who have the all-day don't bother me, can't eat too much, can't eat too fast, … Continue reading The Dreaded First Post