Dressing My Bump: Comfy Womfy!

I promise you, I am growing bigger by the minute.  I am now up to 130lbs (moooo).  I find myself wearing the same clothes over and over again and it is becoming harder and harder to look cute and pregnant...not just pregnant. My boobs are the size of small countries and my feet are turning … Continue reading Dressing My Bump: Comfy Womfy!

Thalia the People Watcher and Sale Hunter

ALOHA! I'm feeling beyond stoked right now because I found some AMAZING steals at one of my favorite stores today.  When the Fiance goes to work during the day that means my knight in shinning t-shirt (actually t-shirt with the puka under the arm) is not around to feed me, thus I fend for myself. … Continue reading Thalia the People Watcher and Sale Hunter

Rain, Rain, Go…SHOPPING!

Today is Wednesday.  Normally, I would post a What I Wore Wednesday: Dressing My Bump Edition today.  However, thanks to all the storms that have been headed in our direction, we've been getting some wind and rain.  Rain + you will never see inside of my house + my camera being uber expensive = no … Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go…SHOPPING!