Dressing My Bump: Comfy Womfy!

I promise you, I am growing bigger by the minute.  I am now up to 130lbs (moooo).  I find myself wearing the same clothes over and over again and it is becoming harder and harder to look cute and pregnant…not just pregnant.

My boobs are the size of small countries and my feet are turning into boats.  My grandma warned me about salt and sugar and that I would balloon up, once again I should have listened to her. The sugar part is not so hard really, I’m not a big sweets eater (okay, sometimes I am, my vice is super dense chocolate cake/brownies) it’s the SALT!  Man I love salt.  French Fries, Shoyu rice, chips, pickles, you name it, I’ll probably eat it.

Did I mention how big my boobs were? Okay, Fiance would not approve of me talking about my boobs and I will not disclose exactly how big they are but I’ll tell you this, they are heavy, sore, and heavy.  These bad boys are making it very hard to get dressed in the morning.

Yesterday I didn’t post a dressing my bump post because I was busy making cake pops, and I didn’t go out until much late in the day to go have an early dindin with my bestie.  So here it is…a what I wore…yesterday edition!

It’s not much to look at and it’s really simple but SO COMFY!  This shirt is from Nordstrom Rack, and it’s so uber soft I could wear it all day, every day!  The shorts are from my last post about Cinnamon Girls Sale, again so comfy!  And flats, well, who doesn’t love flats? Actually I’d rather walk around barefoot, like a native, imua! (I kid, I kid…I don’t like walking around barefoot at all, unless it’s sand, but even then I’m kind of sketch about it)

Shirt: Kische – Nordstrom Rack (clearance!)    Shorts: Cinnamon Girl   Shoes:  Abound – Nordstrom Rack (Clearance!)

20 Weeks 5 Days


Thalia the People Watcher and Sale Hunter


I’m feeling beyond stoked right now because I found some AMAZING steals at one of my favorite stores today.  When the Fiance goes to work during the day that means my knight in shinning t-shirt (actually t-shirt with the puka under the arm) is not around to feed me, thus I fend for myself.  Usually I just head down to Wholefoods at Kahala Mall and sit outside and people watch.

Today I witnessed a Japanese tourist family leave behind a mess of paper towels and a few people almost eat it (eat it means fall, oh yea and puka means hole).  I decided to walk around in the air conditioned mall for a little bit because 1) I need the exercise and 2) I needed to pick up a present for my girlfriend’s baby shower.

I need to share with you this AMAZING sale going on right now at Cinnamon Girl.  They are currently running their Summer Clearance Sale with up to 50% off selected merchandise.  You can visit their website here ->Cinnamon Girl

Of course most of what I bought was NOT on sale (usually what happens), however it is still amazing for those of you who are preggers, but really even if you’re not preggers you will want these shorts.

These are their “Tyra Shorts” SO UBER COMFY.  They come in a Short or Bermuda length AND they come in a “Lil’ Tyra” for your little girl! ADORBS! $42.00 but so worth it…believe me, it’s worth it! (yes, i’m justifying buying these shorts)

Remember I said that they also had dresses that were up to 50% off? Some of it can be found online here->Cinnamon Girl Clearance  It’s definitely better to go into the store though because there MANY MANY MANY more things on sale.  Are you a fan of Bebe au Lait?  I AM!  If you go to Bebe au Lait’s website they have a Sale Section found here->Bebe Au Lait Sale  Guess what? some of these Hooter Hiders, Hooded Towels, and Burping Cloths are 50% off AT CINNAMON GIRL!!!!!  And you know this stuff hardly EVER goes on sale (this much), even at Babies R Us!  You better run in and get it now because I picked up some for my GF and myself of course, duh.  And even if Cinnamon Girl doesn’t have what you want visit the Bebe au Lait site, they have a ton of stuff at pretty decent prices.

Just to brag here’s the burping cloths I got and obviously you won’t be able to tell which one is mine and which one is for my GF! HA!  I got this badboys for $11.o0! Oh, and I got matching nursing covers and hooded towels to boot! BOOM KANANI!

19 weeks 5 Days

Rain, Rain, Go…SHOPPING!

Today is Wednesday.  Normally, I would post a What I Wore Wednesday: Dressing My Bump Edition today.  However, thanks to all the storms that have been headed in our direction, we’ve been getting some wind and rain.  Rain + you will never see inside of my house + my camera being uber expensive = no pictures today…sorry. 😦 (I know I feel so horribly sad because I looked super cute today.)

I do enjoy the rain and wind we’ve been getting.  It keeps the pregnant lady cool and happy, and when the pregnant lady is happy, everyone is happy.

Alright, due to the fact that I won’t be posting pictures of my fashionable self, I’ve gone shopping in the past few days and here’s what I’ve gathered!

Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

I don’t know about you, but Nordstrom HAS to be one of my absolute FAVORITE department stores.  I’m a true blue Taurus so I like luxury, however, I am also very Chinese and we be frugal yo! (okay, we are cheap)

Nordstrom Rack is CURRENTLY having their Clear The Racks Event, which means anywhere from 10-75% off already reduced prices!  If you’re a Fashion Rewards Member (if you have any one of their nordstrom debit/credit cards),you earn points, 2 points for every dollar you spend.  Every 2,000 points gets you $20.00 back in Nordstrom Notes AND in addition to that they have bonus point events (double and triple days) to earn points faster! From July 20-22 there is a double point event!

Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale in 2 days, however if you’re a Fashion Rewards Member (if you have any one of their nordstrom debit/credit cards) you get early access both online and in-store.

Some other awesome things about Nordstrom:

  • If they don’t have what you want in store, they’ll ship it to the store (or your house) for you.
  • Free Shipping AND Free Returns from their website
  • Return online merchandise in store

Today while perusing through the racks at Nordstrom Rack I found $30 True Religion Jeans, $50 Kate Spade Sunglasses, and various tops to cover my baby bump from $4.00-$10.o0.


Macy’s is my go to store for just about everything, basically because they’re cheap 75% of the time and there are 2 I can go to that are 10 min away from where we live.One of the good things about Macy’s is if you have a Macy’s Card you usually get 20% off, pretty much all the time, in addition to sales that are always going on.

Currently, Macy’s is having their Summer Clearance Sale. There are tons and tons and tons and tons of tops available for under $10.00. Dope.


If you’re in the mix for basic tee’s and tank’s, Forever21 is you’re one stop shop.  They have THE most comfortable basic tops around for under $5.00!

I recently stocked up in bigger sizes because I’ve been growing some ENORMOUS chesticles thanks to my raging hormones.

My Favorite Shirt, $4.80

My Favorite Tank, $4.80


Express is having their End of Season Sale up 70% off original prices with additional 40% off already reduced prices! DOPE! I found a couple tops for work, however can I just state that I really hate the trend of EVERYTHING being stinking see through?! I bought 3 tops but of course I bought ones that weren’t on sale. Lose.

Black and White Lace, Sheer Top

Kissing Placket Mock Pocket Top

Rolled Sleeve with Piping



I think that’s it….I got really tired by about 2:00 and had to head home…especially since I started making those damn cake pops (refer to this post: How Do I Make The Color Burgundy?)

18 Weeks and 4 Days