Just not enough

Because it just wasn't enough that I've had all the symptoms I've had I've got 3 more to add to the list! Here's a rundown of what I've had/have so far: Nausea abnormal hair growth EXTREME weight gain butt cramping leg cramping fatigue swelling threatened preterm labor heart palpitations gestational diabetes and a whole bunch … Continue reading Just not enough

As my body grows…

As my boobs get heavier, my stomach grows pointer, my back gets sorer (is that a word? if not tough, I'm using it) and my feet and thighs get fatter I'm beginning to once again despise the effects of pregnancy, not BEING pregnant, but everything that comes along with it. My mind gets dimmer, which … Continue reading As my body grows…

My Computer is ALL BUSS’!

I apologize times infinity for leaving ya'll hanging but my computer is buss li dat. What a great time for my computer to die on me.  So, I'm gonna make this quick and give you a smidge of an update before it craps out on my once again. Baby has been moving and a shaking.  I read … Continue reading My Computer is ALL BUSS’!

Love Hate, Awesome New Side Effects, and Happy 4th of July

As if it weren't bad enough being bloated, constipated, and nauseated, my allergies have my nostrils stuffed rendering me a mouth breather for the rest of the pregnancy. Which is not all bad, considering I have super-sonic smell-o-vision on the rare occasion I can breathe through my nose.  Awesome.  In addition I have also added … Continue reading Love Hate, Awesome New Side Effects, and Happy 4th of July